Episode 1 is Live!

[ Team Athena | Team Eric | Team John | Team JJ ]


Family game night. We all know it and love it. But what true Armscor fan wouldn't love it more if it involved some friendly competitive shooting?

Your own Team Armscor is taking on twists on some classic game-night games.

Four team members will compete - Athena Lee, Eric Grauffel, John McClain and JJ Racaza. If you filled out the Family Game Day form prior to today, you threw your support behind who you think will be the ultimate Family Game Day champion.

The lucky winner's supporters will win an Advanced Tactical promo code and a Team Armscor swag bag.

The three Family Game Day competitions include:

  • Texas Shoot 'Em - a locked and loaded twist on Texas Hold 'Em
  • Trivial Pur-Shoot - a last-person-standing gun-knowledge-based shoot-out
  • Bullethole - a twist on cornhole that replaces beanbags with bullets
Come back next week to see who wins the next round of competition!