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3 Rock Island 1911 Accessories You Need

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 17, 2017 | Topics: Ammo and Accessories

Everyone loves a 1911. After all, owning one is accompanied by a great feeling of pride in the legacy of the firearm and the power of a tried-and-true pistol classic. But the gun on its own doesn't always check every box. You’ll probably want some items to go along with that classic pistol.  

Go ahead and check out these must-have accessories for your Rock Island Armory 1911.

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How to Select an Affordable Caliber

Posted by Team Armscor on Oct 20, 2016 | Topics: Ammo and Accessories

When you're on the hunt for a new firearm, you're going to come across a healthy variety of calibers. There are quite a few out there, ranging from the little 22LR, all the way up to the significantly larger and more expensive 50BMG.

But when you're on a budget and want to shoot frequently while throwing more bullets down-range, you'll probably want to avoid buying a gun that will cost $1 to $2 per shot.

Here's some advice to keep in mind before you make the big purchase.

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Know the Difference: 22TCM vs. 10mm

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 29, 2016 | Topics: Firearm Facts, Ammo and Accessories

Ready to switch up your go-to caliber? Or just in the market for something to add to your roster of ammunition types?

Armscor's selection of calibers can get you there - two such varieties, the 10mm and the Armscor original 22TCM, offer a powerful alternative to your everyday 9mm and 45ACP. But which is the right choice for you? Let's break it down.

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4 Factors in Picking Ammo for Competition

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 8, 2016 | Topics: Competition, Ammo and Accessories

When you have the resources and the connections, a competition shooter is often apt to custom-load his or her own ammunition. However, that's not always in the cards for every level of competitive shooter. If you're a weekend warrior or simply swear by factory ammo, there are things to keep in mind when selecting the best product for your use.

Here are four potential factors to consider when choosing your ammo for competition.

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Ammo Time: $2.50 Off Per Box with Advanced Tactical

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 1, 2016 | Topics: Events, Ammo and Accessories, Promotions

Finish your summer with a bang.

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It's Tactical Time: Buy TAC Ultra or Match, Get a Rail & Flashlight

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 6, 2016 | Topics: Events, Ammo and Accessories, Promotions

Whether it's the versatility of the TAC Ultra series you're after or the high performance of a Match firearm, there's more motivation than ever to buy some of Armscor-Rock Island Armory's most valuable products.

It's time to get yours. A tactical flashlight is in the cards if you buy*.

There's no better time to pick up an Armscor-Rock Island Armory (RIA) product than when you get a little extra incentive. And guess what? The time is now.

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Armscor Summer Kickoff: Buy a TCM Rifle, Get Free Ammo

Posted by Team Armscor on May 20, 2016 | Topics: Events, Ammo and Accessories, Promotions

Everyone likes a free gift with purchase.

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Get a Grip: 5 Styles of 1911 Grips and What They Bring to the Table

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 25, 2016 | Topics: Competition, Ammo and Accessories

Your grip says a lot about you. It tells an onlooker what you prize in a pistol, whether it's shootability, decoration or resilience. But when it comes to picking out your go-to pistol grip, it can be a combination of a lot of factors that dictate your buying decision.

Here are some of the most common grips you'll likely have to choose from and what makes each the ideal fit for a given shooter.

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Armscor's New TCM 9R Ammunition Designed For 9mm Conversion Kit Compatibility

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 17, 2015 | Topics: Product Launch, Ammo and Accessories

February 17, 2015 (Las Vegas, Nev.) - Armscor and Rock Island Armory, the leading 1911 pistol and high performance ammunition manufacturer, continues to innovate the firearm industry by expanding its growing line of ammunition with the release of the TCM 9R round.

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Armscor Doubles Production Capacity To Meet US Ammo Shortage

Posted by Team Armscor on May 2, 2013 | Topics: Press Releases, Ammo and Accessories

Pahrump, NV (May 2, 2013) – In the face of a national ammo shortage, Armscor USA and Armscor International have doubled their manufacturing capabilities and committed $4 million in new equipment and facilities to support shooting enthusiasts and gun owners. 

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