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4 Pistol Conversion Kits for a Budget Buyer

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 16, 2017


Do you want a 22TCM pistol or a short-barreled rifle but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars buying new guns? Pick up a conversion kit to adapt your current pistol to accept 22TCM.

Armscor-Rock Island Armory has a kit that can give you some extra length on your current TCM pistol. You’ll avoid burning a huge hole in your wallet and still get what you want.

Here are four pistol conversion kits that won’t ding your budget.

Glock 17 TCM Conversion and Glock 19 TCM Conversion

If you own a Glock 17 or 19, you can convert your Glock to fire the 22TCM9R round with the respective Glock conversion kits. All the conversion takes is swapping out the top end of your pistol with the conversion kit. It's a simple solution for some awesome firing power.

MSRP: $431

1911 A1 TCM Conversion

You can also convert your 1911 A1 to fire 22TCM. This conversion kit features a ramped barrel, rear 2-dot sight and fiber-optic front sight. The slide will fit any government 1911 frame. Fitting and finish by a professional gunsmith is required.

MSRP: $473


Not looking for a caliber change? How about turning your TCM 1911 into an SBR? As crazy as that might sound, it’s possible with this pistol shell. The RONI pistol shell offers you better stability and three Picatinny rails for further attachments.

MSRP: $551

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