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4 Tips for Hunting Small Game with 22TCM

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 24, 2018

4 Tips for Hunting Small Game with a 22TCM HeroThe 22TCM is Rock Island's signature bottle-neck cartridge. Its design lets you put more gunpowder behind your round to shoot it at a higher velocity for a more powerful impact. The increased velocity makes 22TCM rounds ideal for varmint and other small game. 

We've put together some tips for small game hunting with 22TCM rounds:

1. Small Sights

The 22TCM cartridge is a small round with a big impact. It can be easy to remember the power, but forget the precision. If you're going to be hunting small game with a small round, you need a small sight on your weapon to pinpoint the target—no fat red dots or crosshairs. 

2. Double Up

Part of the beauty of the 22TCM cartridge is that it can be used in Rock Island's TCM Series pistols as well as our M22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle. This means that, when you're hunting small game, you can bring your high capacity pistol, your rifle and a single set of magazines and ammo for both. 

3. Keep Quiet

Small game, whether it be squirrels, rabbits or something else, tend to scare easily—so it's important to stay quiet. If you're hunting with 22TCM, you're already off to a great start. You can also avoid making quick, sudden movements and try to walk on wet ground to dampen the sound of your footsteps. 

4. Blend In

As the season wears on, small game can become more wary of hunters. It's wise to dress in camouflage and hunt with the sun. If your clothes match the woods around you and your shadow doesn't give away your position, you'll be much more likely to snag the small game you're stalking. 

The 22TCM is the perfect cartridge for hunting small game. It's quiet and small, yet incredibly powerful. Combine the power and silence of the 22TCM round with the four tips mentioned here, and you're sure to have a successful season.

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