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5 Compact 1911s to Improve Your Concealment Game

Posted by Team Armscor on May 23, 2017


A lot of people love the 1911 for its slim, simple design and rich history. Now that concealed carry is more popular than ever, more people are looking for this classic, American pistol in a compact style. If you’re one of those people, there’s more than a few Rock Island Armory 1911s that fit the bill.

Consider these concealable compact 1911s from Rock Island Armory.

GI Standard

For those looking for a 1911 without the frills, the GI Standard is right up your alley. It has a simple aesthetic - basic wood grips with fixed, low-profile front and rear sights. You still get the kinetic power of the 45ACP cartridge in a compact package.

Rock Ultra

This pistol is chambered in 45ACP with a 3.5” button-rifled barrel supported by a full-length guide rod. The smooth-angled style prevents annoying snags and allows for consistently quick draws.

Want this but with standard sights? Here you go!

Rock Ultra TCM Lightweight

It's a lightweight option giving you the same power and durability but with an aluminum frame. It’s built with the original Armscor 22TCM 9R cartridge in mind. The high velocity and low recoil make the 22TCM a great choice for plinking and, depending on your philosophy, even self-defense.

It also comes with a 9mm accessory drop-in barrel, giving you maximum versatility.

If 22TCM and 9mm aren’t your cup of tea, you can also grab it in 45ACP here.

TAC Ultra

The TAC Ultra Compact introduces a full tactical rail. Like all Rock Island 1911s, this series is built with 4140 Ordnance and is refined with our carefully managed hand-fitting process. Perfect for those looking to attach a tac-light on a home-defense pistol.

Baby Rock

Don’t underestimate this little 1911 just because it has "baby" in its name. The angled, low-profile sights are designed to prevent snagging while still providing a clean sight picture. Since it’s chambered in 380, it’s easy to shoot, control and conceal.

See it in action with John McClain.

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