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8 Rock Island Armory Handguns Ideal for Home Defense

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 15, 2016


Your home and everything (and everyone) in it is important to you. That's why arming it with the best possible defense against intrusion or theft might be a high priority for you. When it comes to home-defense pistols and revolvers, Armscor has you covered.

Try these RIA favorites on for size when you're stocking up for your home-defense arsenal.


TAC Ultra CS 45ACP

Boasting a great tactical-grip fit and a home-defense-friendly caliber, it's a resilient pistol with high sight visibility and a user-friendly trigger pull. It's unassuming size and deceptively powerful punch make it an ideal fit for your home-defense needs.

MSRP $786


M206 Spurless 38 Special

If a revolver is more your speed, the Rock Island Armory 38 Special pieces are probably up your alley. If you don't mind the reload time (a semi-automatic will offer a speedier go), it doubles as a great concealed carry firearm for outside the home as well - never mind its portable size, fully shrouded barrel and spurless hammer.

MSRP $492 51973_MAPP-MS-22TCM-9R-1-1.jpg


If avoiding the heavyweights is a priority for you, you'll gel nicely with the MAPP, which offers a significantly light recoil and carrying weight without sacrificing capacity nor power. Bonus points? It's compatible with 9mm accessories as a general rule and typically comes with a fairly minimal pricetag.

MSRP $429 51996_1911-A1_XT_22-Magnum_FS_22mag_White-1.jpg

XT 22 Magnum

This pistol is a powerhouse - but it has the features to back up its relatively sizable stature. A hefty capacity thanks to the boisterous 22 magnum caliber and a tough finish paired with an anti-snag profile make it a reliable piece to pull from concealment to great effect in the home.

MSRP $598


M200 38 Special

Talk about value - if you need a great starter firearm for home defense, you can't get much more affordable than the M200. Don't let the price tag deter you, though - the quality is there too, with a semi-shrouded barrel for ideal handling capability and the versatility of single- or double-action firing.

MSRP $275 51615_1911-A1_GI-Standard_FS_9mm_White.jpg

GI Standard FS 9mm

When it comes to a clean draw, you can't get much better than the GI Standard. Its low-profile sites and slim frame make it an ideal drawing pistol, whether from a concealed space in your home or a holster. Its durable, engineered for accuracy and built with a classic 1911 recoil.

MSRP $522 51431_1911-A1_ROCK-Standard-FS_45ACP_white.jpg

Rock Standard FS 45ACP 

The 45ACP caliber is traditionally a good selection for a home-defense pistol, offering just enough power to succeed in your end goal without excessive recoil or punch. And the Rock Standard offers the quick-draw potential with checkered grips and full-length guide rod support.

MSRP $592


Baby Rock 380ACP

The name kind of says it all - if you're after a highly concealable, highly economical pistol for home defense, the accuracy, reliability and, yes, size of the Baby Rock combine for a very effective tool in case of defensive shooting need.

MSRP $460 

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