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Are 1911s Good for Concealed Carry?

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 14, 2019

Are 1911s Good for Concealed Carry

It goes without saying that the 1911 is one of the most remarkable handgun platforms in existence, but the question remains: is it a good gun for concealed carry? We break down some of the key features of 1911 handguns that make them a clear choice as an everyday carry. 

Read on to learn why the 1911 is a great gun for concealed carry. 


One of the aspects of the 1911 that has made it such a popular firearm over the years is its narrow frame. When carrying, the width of your gun can have a significant impact on how much it prints from under your clothing. The 1911's slim frame keeps it closer to your body and helps to avoid printing while carrying. 


The 1911 is one of the most popular handgun platforms in history and, because of this, there is no shortage of holsters, sights, lights and other accessories to deck your gun out with. If you're looking to find a set of sights and a holster that fit you perfectly, there's no doubt that you'll find them carrying a 1911 on your hip. 


Another key component of the 1911 platform is the sheer reliability of the gun. For decades, the gun has set the standard for reliability and was chosen by the military, in part, because John Browning's initial model fired more than six thousand rounds in two days without failing. If you want a gun that will work every time you pull it off your hip, a 1911 is a safe bet. 


For years, the 1911 has been lauded as a gun that, with a little practice, can easily be fired accurately. This is because how well most 1911s are balanced. When you've had a little practice with a 1911, the sights seem to just fall into place while the gun is in your hand, which is exactly what you want from your concealed carry self-defense pistol. 


Perhaps the single most famous aspect of the 1911 is its trigger. Unlike other concealed carry pistols with hinged triggers, the 1911's trigger slides straight back, making for a crisp, clean break and reset when the gun is fired. Add adjustable over travel, like on the Rock Standard CS, and you've got an unbeatable trigger experience to make shooting in high-pressure situations that much easier. 

The design, versatility and popularity of the 1911 handgun platform make it an excellent gun to have on your hip. Should you ever need to use your concealed carry weapon to defend yourself, you can rest assured that the 1911 will get the job done. In the meantime, its slim design and the numerous holster options will ensure that it stays on your hip—undetectable. 

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