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Rock Island Armory Debuts New TCM Series Pistols At SHOW Show 2013

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 13, 2013

Pahrump, NV – Rock Island Armory adds three new pistols to its TCM series of firearms with the introduction of the TCM 22 MS 2011, TCM 22 MS Standard and TCM 22 FS 2011 pistols.  The new TCM caliber pistols are built on the 1911 and 2011 Tactical platforms and deliver high velocity and maximum stopping power in handguns designed for concealed carry and self-defense.

The new pistols are engineered, designed and chambered to harness the power of the Armscor TCM .22 bullet that is exclusive to Armscor and delivers maximum stopping power with low recoil. 

“These are two great reasons that we are the largest manufacturer of the 1911 handguns as we continue to define the price performance benchmark for the industry,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory and Armscor Precision International. “Our goal is to make sure that we continually deliver high quality firearms that eliminate the barriers of entry into self-defense and shooting for recreation and sport.”

The new TCM pistols are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Rock Island TCM 22 MS Standard Micro-Mag
The TCM 22 Mid-Sized Standard is built on the industries most popular 1911 and 2011 tactical frames and are ideal for self-defense and legal concealed carry.
• Single action
• Exclusive TCM .22 caliber
• 8 round capacity – MS Standard 1911 Micro-Mag
• 17 + 1 round capacity – MS 2011 VZ Grip Micro-Mag
• 4.25 inch barrel length
• 8 inch overall length
• MS Standard - Front low profile snag free with rear elevation and windage white dot sites
• MS 2011 VZ Grip - Front fiber optic and adjustable low profile rear sites
• Polymer grip MS Standard 1911
• VZ Grip 2011
• Extended beavertail for added control
• Ambidextrous safety
• Parkerized finish
• 2.47 pounds empty MS Standard,
• 2.5 pounds empty MS  2011 VZ Grip

Rock Island TCM 22 FS 2011 VZ Grip
The TCM Full-Sized 2011 is built on the RIA 2011 tactical frame and is also designed for self-defense and legal concealed carry.
• Single action
• Exclusive TCM .22 caliber
• 17+1 magazine capacity
• 5 inch barrel length
• 8.75 inch overall length
• Front fiber optic and adjustable low profile rear sites
• VZ grip
• Extended beavertail for added control
• Ambidextrous safety
• Picatinny rail
• Parkerized finish

The TCM 22 MS and FS pistols are designed and engineered to compliment the tremendous demand for the Armscor USA .22TCM bullet that delivers over 1900 feet per second and features a 40 grain jacketed hollow point for maximum stopping power. All three pistols are scheduled to ship in mid-year 2013.

About the TCM series

The TCM series was inspired by the need for more firepower in lower caliber firearms and ammo.  The series was designed and developed by Armscor/Rock Island Armory executives - President, Martin Tuason and Master Firearm Engineer Fred Craig.  The TCM stands for Tuason Craig Magnum.

The .22TCM bullet has been called the “Flame Thrower” by one prominent reviewer and has been embraced by hunters, self-defense and shooting enthusiasts. 

The overwhelming demand for the bullet’s industry leading high velocity and stopping power has prompted the company to expand its US production facilities.

Armscor USA .22TCM bullet features:
• Velocity – 2,800 feet per second
• 40 grain jacketed hollow point
• Maximum expansionexpan
• Centerfire

For more information about the new Micro-Mag TCM pistols and the industry leading .22TCM ammunition, visit the new Armscor and Rock Island Armory website at

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