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Utilizing Barricades And Cover

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 22, 2013



In this episode of On The Range, JJ reviews the basics on how to utilize cover and barricades in defense scenarios. 

Key Takeaways: 
Square your hips toward the target. If you're shooting right side barricade, keep your right foot positioned a little bit forward. The same concept applies with left side barricade, make sure your left foot is located a tad bit closer down range than your right, allowing for up and down sight tracking as opposed to a circular motion.  

Don't hug a barricade if you plan to re-engage a target, allow for a space of about 1 meter between yourself and the barricade. This tactic, coupled with the same foot positioning principles for right and left side barricade, makes you a much smaller target as you engage. 

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