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How To Select The Best Ammo For Your 1911

Posted by Team Armscor on May 15, 2018


Whether you’re shopping at a physical location or online, you’ll find numerous brands and types of ammunition. Outside of caliber differences, ammo also varies between the materials used in the casing, bullet, the amount of powder used. Sometimes guns are finicky with certain types of ammo. For example, a gun might not feed hollow points (HP) as reliably as full metal jacket (FMJ) rounds.

A good gun will run any ammo you feed it (as long as it’s the right caliber of course!) but some ammunition serves some purposes better than others. If you need help cutting through the fog, here’s what you need to know when selecting ammo.

Define Your Purpose

The first step is defining your purpose. Are you just using this gun for casual plinking on the range? Perhaps it’s your designated self-defense pistol? If you know what the purpose of your pistol is the more you can narrow down your ammo choices.

For self-defense, either at home or daily carry, hollow-point ammunition will serve you best. Some variety of self-defense, hollow point ammo gets recommended frequently. While more on the pricey end it’s worth the price when it comes to your protection. 

Whether you're looking for self-defense ammo or good range ammo for frequent practice, especially with a Rock Island 1911, then you should take a look at our ammo options here. Even you need rifle ammo for hunting or range practice, we have you covered. 

Stock Up

Once you know what varieties of ammo you like, go ahead and stock up. Buying in bulk can save you some a bit of money and you won’t have to worry about running out for awhile!

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