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Pick Your Player: Introducing Team Armscor Family Game Day

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 14, 2017


Family game night. It's an American tradition. But throw it together with some of that signature Team Armscor competitiveness and what do you have? It's Team Armscor Family Game Day, a twist on the favorite pastime with a Team Armscor twist.

Your favorite shooters from Team Armscor will compete in three twists on classic games - and you have the chance to declare your allegiance to Athena, Eric, John or JJ and give yourself a chance at winning an Armscor prize package that includes an promo code and Team Armscor swag bag!

The Details

Pick your player by clicking the button below between now and March 20 - then look for episodes released in the weeks following:

  • Episode 1: Texas Shoot 'Em, March 21
  • Episode 2: Trivial Pur-Shoot, March 28
  • Episode 3: Bullethole, April 4

Choose your team member before March 21 to be eligible for the prize package!

Pick Your Player - Family Game Day

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