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RIA in Action: 22TCM/9R in the News

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 24, 2016


Our very own Armscor-Rock Island Armory (RIA) pistols and conversion kits have gotten some web attention of late. From the 22TCM/9R conversion to the FS HC Combo, press outlets and bloggers alike have taken RIA products to the range to try them on for size.

Check out some of the attention we've nabbed recently. To learn more about the kit, click here. To learn more about the FS HC Combo, click here.

Stop the Presses reviewed the Full-Size 9mm pistol, noting the positive first impression of a great grip and feel and, seeing it in action, its smooth, crisp trigger action and rapid target acquisition with the sights out of the box.

American Handgunner broke down the 22TCM lineup of pistols, pointing out the customization possibilities, notably that the base gun is made from solidly built materials from the get-go. The writer remarked on the innovation of the unique caliber and the as-advertised velocity.

The Arms Guide took stock of the TAC Ultra pistol and prized its grip durability, optimum slide-to-frame fit and smooth recoil, among other attributes. The site recommended the pistol for daily carry and self-defense. Taking it onto the range, the reviewer appreciated shootability regardless of hand size, as well as ease of sighting.

ArmsVault took a look at the TCM TAC Ultra FS 1911, pointing out its ideal use as a home-defense pistol due to its accuracy and easy slide pull-back regardless of hand size.

ArmsVault additionally tried the TCM TAC Ultra Combo on for size, noting especially the accuracy of the 22TCM round that doesn't sacrifice "the awesome muzzle-blast halo."

Concealed Carry Nation found the most notable positives about the 22TCM/9R cartridge to be it's improved accuracy from a standard 22, its impressive velocity and its reliability. The reviewer particularly valued the low recoil the conversion kit produced, as well as its potential usefulness in a self-defense setting.

Concealed Carry Nation additionally took a look at the RIA TCM TAC Ultra FS HC Combo pistol, pointing out the the cartridge's versatility in multiple calibers of firearm, as well as its accuracy and "nice trigger." The reviewer pointed out it would be an effective member of a competition lineup, as well.

Fun Gun Reviews analyzed the single-stack model 1911 pistol and 22TCM/9mm conversion barrel, pointing out the accuracy, low recoil and round count, among other attributes.

Shooting Illustrated took on the 22TCM caliber cartridge, noting its "flawless" execution, negligible recoil and "magnificent" muzzle blast. The review also mentioned the simplicity with which a shooter can switch between 22TCM and 9mm.

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