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The Guide to Shooting Competitions: Breaking Down Your Options

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 12, 2017 | Topics: Competition

Tired of taking your 1911 to the usual spot and shooting the same old targets? Perhaps you're someone with a competitive spirit and a love for firearms? Do you want to refine your skills or learn some new tricks?

Then you should strongly consider jumping into the world of competitive shooting.

Here are a few good starting points to get you on your way.

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4 RIA 1911 Handguns Perfect for a First-Time Competitor

Posted by Team Armscor on Dec 1, 2016 | Topics: Competition

Jumping into the world of competition shooting can be intimidating, as there are many expert competitors in the mix. There's no shortage of people running courses with highly customized pistols with thousands of dollars invested.

Don't let that get you down or discourage you from joining in, though. Here are four Rock Island Armory (RIA) 1911s competition-ready right out of the box.

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Team Armscor Speaks: 4 Competition Thoughts from John McClain

Posted by John McClain on Nov 10, 2016 | Topics: Competition

Whether you're just starting to think about getting into competition shooting or you've been an old pro for years, at one point or another, you caught the bug. You saw the guys and gals out on the range running around, climbing up towers, jumping off platforms, loading and shooting their guns and pushing their gear, as well as their skills, to the very limits.

When it comes to competing, there are many tips, tricks and mentalities to consider - here are four of them.

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What to Look for in a 1911 Competition Pistol

Posted by Team Armscor on Oct 13, 2016 | Topics: Competition

Calling all soon-to-be competitors...

Getting in on the circuit is more than just signing up - you'll need a reliable, well-fit pistol to ensure your competition game is on target.

Keep the following in mind when you're venturing out to pick up your trusty 1911 competition pistol.

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4 Factors in Picking Ammo for Competition

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 8, 2016 | Topics: Competition, Ammo and Accessories

When you have the resources and the connections, a competition shooter is often apt to custom-load his or her own ammunition. However, that's not always in the cards for every level of competitive shooter. If you're a weekend warrior or simply swear by factory ammo, there are things to keep in mind when selecting the best product for your use.

Here are four potential factors to consider when choosing your ammo for competition.

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10 Rock Island Armory 1911s Ideal for Competition

Posted by Team Armscor on May 25, 2016 | Topics: Competition

Gearing up for your next competition is all about the preparation. And sure, getting some range time in and making sure you're well-stocked with the right ammo, magazines and accessories is all well and good, but without the perfect 1911 to take your competing to the next level, you're destined to fall to the middle of the pack.

 Take these Rock Island Armory 1911s into account when picking out your ideal pistol for the next competition on your schedule.

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So You Want to Start Multi-Gun Competing…

Posted by John McClain on Apr 7, 2016 | Topics: Competition

When you think of beginning competitive shooters, most typically start with the pistol. Whether you've gone out to a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) or some kind of Steel Challenge match, most people don't just jump right into multi-gun.

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Free Download: Are You Competition-Ready?: The Match-Prep Checklist

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 31, 2016 | Topics: Competition, Firearm Maintenance and Upkeep

There’s a lot more to being a successful competition shooter than simply registering for a match. For a successful competition on the range, you need a high-quality preparation routine.

We've got just such a routine pre-packaged for your use.

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Get a Grip: 5 Styles of 1911 Grips and What They Bring to the Table

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 25, 2016 | Topics: Competition, Ammo and Accessories

Your grip says a lot about you. It tells an onlooker what you prize in a pistol, whether it's shootability, decoration or resilience. But when it comes to picking out your go-to pistol grip, it can be a combination of a lot of factors that dictate your buying decision.

Here are some of the most common grips you'll likely have to choose from and what makes each the ideal fit for a given shooter.

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Mike Seeklander Nabs Consecutive IDPA Bug National Titles

Posted by Team Armscor on Nov 19, 2014 | Topics: Competition, Team Armscor
Las Vegas, NV (Nov 19, 2014) -  Team Armscor's Mike Seeklander took gold in the pistol division at the IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals using his Rock Island Armory 2011 Tactical Compact Pistol. This win marks back to back first place finishes for Seeklander in the event who posted the fastest overall time this year.
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