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What 1911 is Closest to the Original?

Posted by Team Armscor on May 30, 2019 | Topics: Firearm Facts, 1911s, 1911s - General

The 1911 is a well-established American handgun and, for many, the classic gun is a symbol of the country's never-ending pursuit of liberty and justice. When shopping for a 1911, you may find yourself wondering which is the closest to the original, and we've got the answer.

Read on to learn which 1911 is closest to the original.

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What You Should Know About the MAPP Series

Posted by Team Armscor on Apr 11, 2018 | Topics: Firearm Facts

We love 1911 pistols, but over the years we’ve ventured into a few other types of guns such small caliber rifles, shotguns and revolvers. In addition, we also have the MAPP series of pistols.

What’s the MAP/MAPP series and how does it differ from our 1911s? Here’s what you need to know.

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The Best TAC Firearms for Concealed Carry

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 18, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

Welcome to the Rock Island Armory TAC line. It’s hard to go wrong with a 1911. The platform has been through a lot over the years and is still the chosen side-arm for many professionals today.

If you happen to be researching options for a concealable 1911 handgun, then you’ll find a couple great options right here.

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4 GI Series Pistols Worth Investing In

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 20, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

The iconic 1911 pistol has developed from a simple, rugged tool for soldiers into an often flashy, customized item commanding high asking prices. The Rock Island GI Series takes the 1911 back to its roots. Forget the accessory rails, engravings and gold beaded sights.

Do you need a functional tool you can invest time and money in while leaving some budget left over for ammo (so you can actually shoot the gun you just bought)? Then consider one of the following GI Series pistols.

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4 Tips for Shopping Around for the Most Wallet-Friendly 1911

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 6, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

When you’re shopping around for a 1911, you’ll come across models that look more like luxury ornaments than a range gun, with a hefty price tag to match. You’ll also find 1911s built for competitors, concealed carriers and some as the ultimate, catch-all 1911. What features do you really need, and how much money should you prepare to spend?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you decide.

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Free Download: A 1911 Buying Guide for Female Shooters

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 16, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

Female shooters:  You’re ready to pick up your first (or perhaps next) firearm – whether it’s for self-defense, home-defense or recreational and competition shooting. If a pistol is what you’re after, a 1911 is a great place to start.

Before you begin the purchasing process, consult this quick-hit guide.

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6 Tactical 1911 Pistols to Add to Your Collection

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 9, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

Do you find yourself in need of a 1911 that gives you an edge in caliber, capacity or versatility? We have a wide array of 1911s that cover one or all of those categories. Whether you want a high-velocity bullet or something compact and lightweight in a 1911 configuration, Armscor-Rock Island Armory has your back.

Here are six 1911 pistols that can give you a tactical advantage. 

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The 1911 Pistol History: Where It's Been

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 31, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

If you haven’t heard of John M. Browning before today, then you’re in for a treat. Mr. Browning earned the reputation as the “The Father of Automatic Fire,” and some of his famous pieces of work include the Browning Automatic Rifle (a.k.a. the BAR), the Browning Hi-Power and the 1911 pistol.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of the 1911.

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Over-Under vs. Side-by-Side: What Shotgun is the Right Fit?

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 5, 2017 | Topics: Firearm Facts

There are several varieties of shotguns, from pump-action to side-by-sides to semi-automatics. Two popular options for hunting birds are the side-by-side and over-under options.

But what’s the difference, and which one is your ideal fit? Read on to find out.

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3 Reasons Carbine Conversion Kits are the Way to Go

Posted by Team Armscor on Dec 29, 2016 | Topics: Firearm Facts, Staying Safe

Rifles are generally easier to control than pistols and have the capability to reach out to greater ranges.

Though, if you’re not interested in shooting hundreds of yards down range and just want better control over your pistol, the TCM RONI Pistol Shell carbine conversion stock should be on your shopping list.

Here are three ways a conversion stock can benefit you.

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