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What to do in a Traffic Stop While Carrying

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 4, 2019 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights, 1911s - General

One of the most common questions concealed carry permit holders have is on how to handle a traffic stop while carrying. While the answer may seem simple to some, handling the situation incorrectly can get you into trouble, so we put together a field guide to help keep you safe when you get pulled over.

Check out these tips on what to do at a traffic stop while carrying:

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Concealed Carry Reciprocity: Is My CCW Valid in Other States?

Posted by Team Armscor on May 16, 2019 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights

As a gun owner, it's your responsibility to understand the gun laws that exist in your state. If you intend to carry concealed, knowing your state's concealed carry laws and the reciprocity your state's right to carry has in other states is a crucial part of that responsibility.

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Things to Know About Concealed Carry Insurance

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 15, 2019 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights

Insurance is a hot button issue in the concealed carry community that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Despite the debate, it can be surprisingly difficult to find reliable information on the purpose and application of concealed carry insurance. That's why we did the research and came up with three key elements of concealed carry insurance that you should take into consideration when making your decision.

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Concealed Carry vs Open Carry

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 4, 2019 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights

Whether you're a seasoned or first-time gun owner, you've probably heard a lot of debate over concealed vs open carry. It's one of the most heated debates amongst gun owners, and which method you prefer can greatly impact how you prepare for defensive gun use. It can be tough to decide which method of carry is best for protecting yourself and your family, but we can help. 

Check out these key considerations to help you decide whether concealed or open carry is right for you. 

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3 Things You Need to Know About Self-Defense

Posted by Team Armscor on Nov 20, 2018 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights

Whether it's home defense or concealed carry, one of the primary reasons for gun ownership is self defense. If you own a gun for this purpose, there are certain things you should know about the laws and responsibilities pertaining to using your firearm to defend your life.

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How to Obtain a CCW Permit

Posted by Team Armscor on Nov 3, 2017 | Topics: Gun Rights

Did you get that Baby Rock you’ve been looking at all summer? Awesome—perhaps now it's time to take the next steps and obtain a concealed carry permit? Let us help you get started on the process.

Here are a few things you should know about obtaining a CCW permit.

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Ready to Concealed Carry? 5 Pieces of Advice to Consider

Posted by Team Armscor on Nov 3, 2016 | Topics: Staying Safe, Gun Rights

The number of people getting permitted for concealed carry has recently been climbing - the Washington Times estimates an eight-year growth from 4.6 million to 12.8 million as recently as last summer. Now more than ever, shooters are looking to take defense into a daily-carry lifestyle.

If you're considering conceal-carrying your pistol, here are five pieces of advice to consider.

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Gun Rights Organizations: How to Show Your Support in 2016

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 4, 2016 | Topics: Gun Rights

If you love your right to keep and bear arms as much as we do, it's time to show your enthusiasm and your support for the cause of gun ownership rights.

Here's just a few of the many organizations that do just that – work to protect your 2nd Amendment rights. 

Let's jump in. 

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