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10 Rock Island Armory 1911s Ideal for Competition

Posted by Team Armscor on May 25, 2016


Gearing up for your next competition is all about the preparation. And sure, getting some range time in and making sure you're well-stocked with the right ammo, magazines and accessories is all well and good, but without the perfect 1911 to take your competing to the next level, you're destined to fall to the middle of the pack.

 Take these Rock Island Armory 1911s into account when picking out your ideal pistol for the next competition on your schedule.


PRO Match Ultra HC 40S&W

If 40S&W caliber is your speed, the PRO Match Ultra HC is a great fit for you. With adjustable rear sights and fiber-optic front sights, it's built for speed and accuracy. (And that magwell certainly doesn't hurt.)

MSRP $1,077


TCM TAC Ultra FS HC Combo 22TCM/9mm

If versatility is your No. 1 priority, the TCM TAC Ultra FS HC Combo 22TCM/9mm might be your competition go-to. It has highly adjustable sights to maximize performance and a 17-round capacity to deliver a high-velocity payload.

MSRP $960


PRO Match TAC Ultra 6" 45ACP

Who needs bells and whistles when your 1911 is competition-ready right out of the box? The target-grade six-inch barrel delivers results, while the fiber-optic front sights maximize your visibility in a pinch.

MSRP $1,126



There's something about a firearm engineered for the perfect quick draw that makes it so attractive for a competition. That's why the ROCK Ultra FS HC 45ACP, with its stellar capacity and reduced weight on its skeletonized trigger.

MSRP $814


ROCK Ultra FS 9mm

If you value grip and precision, a ROCK Ultra FS 9mm is your guy for 1911 competitions. It boasts G10s that boasts tactical performance and tough resilience. Add to that high visibility thanks to fiber-optic front sights, and you've got a winner.

MSRP $722


PRO Match Ultra 6" HC 10mm

Invest a little bit more in performance, and you'll see results on the range. With optimum sight radius and flat-shooting ammunition, the PRO Match Ultra 6" HC 10mm makes long ranges more doable, regardless of chosen optics (or none at all).

MSRP $1,322


PRO Match Ultra 5" 45ACP 

Familiarity can be a big boon to your competition performance. Try sticking with the gun you carry on a daily basis - the same one you train with - like the PRO Match Ultra 5" 45ACP. It's the best-priced match grade 1911 available.

MSRP $862


TCM TAC Ultra FS Combo 22TCM/9mm

Keep control over your pistol all competition long - try the TCM TAC Ultra FS Combo 22TCM/9mm on for size and enjoy the low recoil and flat shooting of a 22TCM caliber on the bullseyes and 9mm for your daily carry.

MSRP $891


XT 22 Standard Combo 22LR/45ACP

Sometimes you need a good entry-level competition pistol - that's where the XT 22 Standard Combo 22LR/45ACP comes in. Get used to your 1911 with a firearm with low impact, low volume and low cost to train yourself up for larger calibers.

MSRP $885


TAC Ultra FS HC 9mm

If you're after a gun that can bounce back without wasting any of your precious time during a match, the TAC Ultra FS HC 9mm is here for you. It brings you out of the recoil more quickly and boasts a larger apacity ideal for three-gun competitions.

MSRP $906

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