10mm Pistols: Guide to Which Powerful Hunting Backup is Right for You

One can never have too many firearms. 66 percent of gun owners say they own more than one gun… and 29 percent say they own five or more guns. How about you? Is one enough? Most people, but not everyone, understand that firearms are tools and you need the right tool to do the right job. Hunting wild boars in the bush is quite different from plinking in the backyard or defending your home and family.

Speaking of hunting in the field, having the right tools with you can be the difference between life and death. Always be sure you bring the right backup anytime you’re out hunting. If you’re searching for a powerful and capable round, the 10mm is going to give you an apt shooting experience. If you’re wondering what firearm is right for you…

Here’s your guide to 10mm hunting pistols.


Game Hunting

You may be asking yourself, Why a 10mm pistol? And it’s a good question to ask. The 10mm has definitely had its spotlight in the shooting community before, and after years had almost died off. But the 10mm is something of a phoenix rising from the ashes, because it has recently become a favorite for pistol hunters. For those looking to add an extra challenge to their hunting game, handgun hunting can be a fun and satisfying experience. If you’re going out into the wild with only a pistol, you’ll need a powerful firearm. If you’re looking for a strong, large caliber round, then the 10mm is for you.


Even if you’re not handgun hunting, having two guns in the field is always something you should consider. A secondary sidearm while rifle or shotgun hunting can be essential when the unexpected happens. A 10mm firearm is a portable and manageable tool to keep on your side.

It’s the most logical round in terms of power and penetration.  The next time you bring a handgun out into the field, leave the bulky, big-bore revolver at home.


When it comes to hunting, range is going to be a huge difference maker. At short to mid-range distances, hunting with the 10mm is great for both medium and (with the right conditions and load) big game hunts. Its muster makes for great velocity and stopping power. Hit and preserve your next trophy with confidence.  


Here are just some of the game that 10mm can take out:



Because some of the aforementioned animals are extremely dangerous, 10mm firearms can be used for in-the-field defense. Predators often stalk their prey, so having a semi-automatic firearm is extremely important. If a predator attacks out of nowhere, be sure you’re well equipped to defend yourself. Compared to your primary gun, a secondary sidearm is going to give you a quick draw and fast firing. The 10mm will be powerful enough to stop or kill deadly threats. Fire fast when your life is on the line with a 10mm firearm.  


Rock Island 10mms

With all the benefits of a 10mm firearm, it’s time to find one that suits your style. Despite all the power that 10mms have, the TAC Ultra has very manageable recoil.


Rock Ultra FS 10mm

The Rock Ultra has the advantage of including a double stack magwell with a 16 round high capacity. If you’re being charged by a predator, time is of the essence. You won’t have to worry about reloading with the Rock Ultra. It’s low profile and adjustable rear sight makes for a quick draw with a fast sight. And because it’s made with a tough, parkerized matte coating, this 1911 can take the heat and perform in rough conditions.


TAC Ultra FS 10mm

The TAC Ultra is as tactical as they come. One of the first things you’ll notice about the TAC Ultra is its picatinny rail. It’s ready to be customized and optimized for your preferred hunting experience. And with a high visibility fiber optic front sight and skeletonized hammer, the TAC Ultra gives you a premier shooting experience chambered in 10mm.


Whatever 10mm pistol you take out into the field, make sure it’s a Rock Island Armory. You’ll thank us later.

Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.