10mm Pistols: Pros and Cons of Shooting Big

The 10mm is a versatile round. And without testing it out for yourself, the 10mm can seem like a very enigmatic round as well. From its colorful history to its recent resurgence, the 10mm has certainly made its fair share of fans. If you want to learn more about this round, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve most likely heard about the 10mm’s kick, but we’ll go into depth about what this round can really do.

Learn about the pros and cons of 10mm pistol shooting.


10mm Pros

Like we said, the 10mm is a multitalented round. Whether you’re taking it out on the range or in the field, 10mm will keep you covered with its velocity and stopping power. In the field, 10mm works as a fine round for handgun hunting or as hunting backup. If calamity strikes while you’re out hunting, the 10mm can take down almost any game. And being a semi-automatic round, you’ll be able to fire multiple shots very quickly.


For those who like to spend time out on the range, you’ll want to feel the rush that this big shooter gives. To state it as simply as we can… the 10mm is just plain fun to shoot! If you want to add a little spice to your arsenal, invest in Armscor 10mm ammunition.


10mm Cons

The main concern that 10mm shooters should be wary of is the round’s recoil. If you’re a seasoned shooter, the recoil off of 10mm is not going to be a problem. Comparing the 10mm to another strong round, the .45ACP, you won’t see that big of a difference in recoil.


Also be mindful of its power, if you’re using 10mm for home-defense situations. It’s stopping power is powerful enough to exit threats at dangerous speeds. So during defense situations, make sure you keep yourself, your family and your property safe when firing 10mm.


Because the 10mm round isn’t as available as 9mm rounds, you may have to dish out more money for 10mm ammunition. The difference won’t be huge, but you should be aware of this before you go shopping.



Luckily, with the 10mm round having something of a resurgence, 10mm is being manufactured more and more. This will make the prices become more and more affordable the more popular this round gets.


With any new round, make sure you test drive it before making a commitment. Going to the range is a great opportunity to strut your stuff and help you determine if you like how it shoots. If you can handle the heat definitely stay in this kitchen. The 10mm is one of the most fun pistol rounds you can shoot. It’s all the rage, but don’t take our word for it…try it out yourself. Load up on 10mm ammunition here. And learn about Armscor’s top 10mm firearms: Pro Match Ultra, Rock Ultra and the TAC Ultra.

Image of ROCK Ultra FS 10MM 8rd Gun
Image of ROCK ULTRA HC 10MM 16rd Gun
Image of TAC Ultra MS 10MM 8rd Gun
Image of PRO Ultra Match 6
Image of M1911-A1- 10MM FS GI RIA Gun
Image of GI Standard 10mm Serrated 8rd  Gun

Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.