1911 or Revolver? Which Handgun is Right for You?

There are tried and true firearm platforms out there and 1911s and revolvers fall into that category. Both 1911s and revolvers are must-haves for serious collectors. If you’re an early or first-time gun buyer, though, you might have some questions you want answered before pulling the trigger and buying either of these two. Different handguns surely work better for different objectives.

Pistols are great tools for protection, home-defense, recreation… the list goes on and on. We’ll go over the main criteria and differences between revolvers and 1911s… and help you find the handgun that works best in your carry situation. Today, we’ll be comparing both platforms and sharing insight on The Rock Ultra 1911 and the AL9.0 revolver.


Read on for more insight on whether 1911s or revolvers are right for you.




Capacity is an important thing to consider before purchasing your next firearm. Figuring out how much capacity you want is vital when it comes personal defense. As far as pistols go, 1911s give you the option to have a high capacity. The Rock Ultra has a strong 10 +1 capacity. Depending on the magnitude of the threat, the larger the capacity, the better.



When dealing with revolvers, you’ll almost always have a lower capacity compared to 1911s. Revolvers typically have a six-shot capacity, hence the name “Six-Shooter.” The AL9.0 is no different. But you can make the argument of quality over quantity. When you pull the trigger, you’ll know that you’ll have six seamless shots.





Speed matters, and a 1911 handgun is going to have a quick reload time. But with a quick reload comes a payoff. When shooting a 1911 you have a slide to deal with. There are more moving parts in a 1911, so there are more opportunities for malfunction. As long as things are being loaded properly, you’ll be able to trust your firearm. But… you may run into issues if you’re trying to load as quickly as possible.



If you’re looking for pure simplicity, revolvers are the way to go. A revolver is as simple as opening, loading and closing your cylinder. While reloading is not the speediest, there is a way less chance of malfunction when shooting a revolver. And in any defense situation, you’ll want as much reliability as possible. Shooters are guaranteed safety even if the cartridge is off the barrel, or if the cylinder has impurities from shooting lead, coatless ammunition. Just point and shoot.




If concealability is a must, the Rock Ultra series comes with a few options. RIA offers the Baby Rock, a scaled down 1911 that’s perfect for concealed carry. It includes stable low-profile angled sights designed for consistent accuracy and reliability. The Rock Ultra comes in both a full-sized and mid-sized model. If you’re looking to conceal a full-sized 1911, you may need to search for the appropriate holster or belt.



Revolvers can be small, lightweight and very concealable. And because of their weight and size, they can be a very comfortable carry. The AL9.0 has an overall length of 6.75 in and weighs just 1.72 lbs. loaded. And with its rubber and texturized grip, the AL9.0 is comfortable in the holster and in the hand. If you’re looking for even more concealability, RIA offers a hammerless option which is also ideal for a quick draw.


The most important thing to do when comparing two handguns… is to make a decision. Both 1911s and revolvers are fine handguns, but the sooner you make a decision, the sooner you’ll be able to practice, practice, practice and master your new firearm.


There are those who think revolvers are old school and obsolete… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember that different tools are used for different tasks. The more armed you are, the better you’re protected. If you already own a 1911, it may be time to add a revolver into your mix. Learn more about the AL9.0, here.


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