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3 Rock Island 1911 Accessories You Need

Posted by Team Armscor on Jan 17, 2017


Everyone loves a 1911. After all, owning one is accompanied by a great feeling of pride in the legacy of the firearm and the power of a tried-and-true pistol classic. But the gun on its own doesn't always check every box. You’ll probably want some items to go along with that classic pistol.  

Go ahead and check out these must-have accessories for your Rock Island Armory 1911.

Cleaning Kit

Since you likely spent a nice chunk of change on your 1911, you may as well keep it nice and clean for extended use. (Plus, added bonus: It’s more time you get to spend handling your hardware and getting to know its ins and outs.) Getting a cleaning kit for your Rock Island 1911 should be a high priority on your list of accessories to grab.

And while you’re cleaning, avoid getting oil and carbon on your table by picking up a nifty cleaning mat.

Check out the Rock Island Armory cleaning kit

Extra Magazines

You may have gotten a mag or two with your gun, but is that enough?  After all, you can never have too many magazines. Add a few more to your collection, so you can spend more time shooting at the range instead of loading mags. It's a useful idea that'll pay off when you're going for speed and precision.

Check out the Rock Island Armory selection of magazines


Be sure to pick up a holster, too - especially if you plan on carrying with your 1911 or getting into the competition scene. On top of that, using a holster is a nice way to free up your hands if you’re at your favorite isolated shooting spot and don’t have a table where you can place your firearm. 

Check out the Rock Island Armory selection of holsters

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