3 Tips for Becoming a More Effective Range Shooter

Whether you’re at an indoor or outdoor facility, gun ranges are the perfect place to safely practice your craft. Both beginners and seasoned shooters can benefit from routine practice and skill-building exercises.


Gun ranges are also a great place to stay both physically and mentally active. Shooting is a physical activity and requires coordination and muscle – and just like another sport or activity, shooting requires mental discipline. Discipline and a never-give-up attitude are great ways to become a better shooter. Being well prepared and alert isn’t everything, though.


Follow these three tips on becoming a more effective range shooter.


  1. Warm Up

Wondering why you aren’t excelling at the range? All you might be missing is the right warm up. Warming up is important. You never want to start shooting without the proper preparation. You’ll want to follow fundamentals like sight alignment, target focus and stance before you pull the trigger. On top of that, you’ll want to make sure your firearm is ready to be shot. Do you have enough ammo and the correct caliber? Is your firearm clean and well oiled? You can save a lot of time and trouble by making sure you and your equipment are ready for the range. Warming up is the first step toward improving your skills.


  1. Well Rounded Drills

Don’t worry or feel self-conscious if your first shots aren’t perfect. Warmups are supposed to get you into the right mindset and nothing more. Speed, accuracy and target acquisition are all going to be focused on during drills. You’ll want to make sure you have a diverse set of drills in order to help you become a well-rounded shooter.


You do want to make sure you focus on the essentials when you run drills.

  • Work on single hand or weak hand firing to increase dexterity.
  • Practice speed reloading and aiming. This comes in handy in self-defense situations and can be easily practiced at ranges.
  • Practicing your accuracy is one of the most important drills you can do at the range.
  • Finally, work on shooting as accurately and quickly as possible.


By doing your drills in a tiered fashion, you’ll be able to work up to more difficult drills and see better success at the range. Click here for even more drills and techniques.


  1. Putting it All Together

If you see better results after continually running drills, don’t stop. Practice makes perfect. Plus, skills and muscle memory can be lost, so it’s important to follow your drills and practice regularly. You aren’t always going to be at the range, so make sure you’re using your time wisely. Make the most of your visit by following these tips and using a proper firearm.


Safety Reminder

When going to the shooting range, it’s important you follow the rules to a T. Here are some important rules to know before you visit.


  • Always treat your gun as if it is loaded
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you want to shoot
  • Learn and obey your range’s rules
  • Always keep your gun pointed at a safe direction


After learning your range’s safety rules, you’ll be ready for the day.


A Great Pistol for the Range

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Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.