3 Youth Rifles Good for Beginning Shooters


Think the youth of today spend too much time on their fancy digital devices? Perhaps they need some outdoors time or just a new hobby. Well, shooting pop cans, varmint and paper targets can be a rousing good time and valuable opportunity for family bonding.

The first step, aside from teaching your young shooters basic safety standards, is to get them rifles. Here are a few ideas to consider.


The M22 is a great rifle for the money, and it's perfect for a youth shooter looking for a little more bang compared to 22LR. And it's still comfortable to shoot, to boot. The wood furniture has a nice finish and classic checkering. There’s also a mount for a scope and an easy-to-reach safety.


Many shooters got started with a bb gun or a rifle chambered in 22LR, the classic “plinking” round. The M14Y is made with quality Philippine hardwood and a raised cheek rest, along with a youth-sized stock to better accommodate your youngest shooters. Whether it’s pop cans or pesky rodents, this is a great first rifle.

M22 TCM Tactical

Perhaps the standard wood stuff just isn’t cool enough for the youngster you have in mind.The M22 TCM tactical takes the success and popularity of the 22 TCM cartridge and combines it with the M22 TCM bolt action rifle to create a small game hunter’s dream. 

Keep in Mind

Now, you don’t have to start them off with a small caliber or even a rifle, but it’s a good jumping off point many people take.

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