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4 Factors in Picking Ammo for Competition

Posted by Team Armscor on Sep 8, 2016


When you have the resources and the connections, a competition shooter is often apt to custom-load his or her own ammunition. However, that's not always in the cards for every level of competitive shooter. If you're a weekend warrior or simply swear by factory ammo, there are things to keep in mind when selecting the best product for your use.

Here are four potential factors to consider when choosing your ammo for competition.


Not all guns are built the same. Competition shooters are after ammunition that their guns “like” to deliver, which is why compatibility is key. If you find yourself in multiple styles of competitions, you've likely got a smattering of pistols at your disposal. That's why making use of ammo that plays nicely with conversion kits and the like is a good thing. Take the Armscor TCM 9R, for one, which feeds smoothly in 9mm pistols, TCM pistols and, with a conversion, Armscor's 9mm 1911s. 


Depending on your desired speed and your shooting method (and the consistency of your shooting stance, grip, trigger pull, etc.), this factor could vary a bit. But when push comes to shove, you'll often find the most accurate of calibers of ammunition are the smaller ones. A 9mm, for example, offers you a bit more control over the firearm and lends itself more to accuracy on the range. It's an ammo of choice for law enforcement (and the FBI, for that matter) for a reason.


When it comes to shooting styles, not many require more consistent results than a competition-intensive shooter. That's why keeping accuracy in mind is just half the battle - that accuracy has to be consistent as well. A lot of times this will take some trial and error - try out a few different styles of ammo at the range and see which is the best fit. Pay attention to grain, and test how often you can group your shots within a half-inch. That's usually the sign of a good ammo selection.


While the three above are par for the course with all Armscor ammunition options, when it comes to reliability you can't get much better than the 9mm 124gr round. You can expect top-notch reliability from all ammos carried by Armscor, but this one goes above and beyond, always delivering consistent results for a frequent competition shooter. It has compatibility with multiple types of competition-ready pistols and boasts stellar accuracy on the targets and consistency with the chronograph (i.e., bullet weight, velocity, etc.). It keeps the focus on the task at hand - the competition - rather than worrying about the ammo's performance (or lack thereof).

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