4 Shooting Games to Get Competitive at the Range


It's time to mix things up by adding in a little competitive fun during your next range outing. We have four shooting games you can play—three of which were used in our Armscor Family Game Day video series

Here are four games you can play at the range.

Texas Shoot 'Em

If you like poker, then this game is for you.

Each shooter is dealt two cards while they have their backs turned to the target. Once the timer goes off, the cards can be flipped up. Then the shooter has three chances to shoot three cards to complete his or her set of five—the goal being to get the better poker hand. The shooter with the best hand gets the most points.

All you need is a deck of cards, a square target and some tape and/or staples. In the video, a new deck of cards is used for each shooter but you can make do using the same deck a few times and patching up the holes with tape.

Trivial Pur-Shoot

All right—for those who aren’t brushed up on their poker hands, you can try out Trivial Pur-Shoot. (See what we did there?) All you need are some appropriately gun-induced questions and a row of targets for each person in the group. If you don’t have fancy steel targets, go ahead and use soda cans or something similar.

Have someone in the group take a turn moderating. The moderator asks the group a question, and anyone who answers correctly earns a chance to shoot down an opponent's targets. The last person standing wins.


For Bullethole, all you need is a target and a timer. Each shooter starts with his or her gun’s muzzle on the table along with the timer. The shooter begins with one hand on the gun and another on the timer. The shooter starts the timer and then has to shoot the target as quickly as possible. Hitting the center zone of the target (draw a circle, whatever size suits your skills, if your target doesn’t have one) is worth three points and anywhere else on the target is one point. (Think of it as a modification of cornhole or beanbags.)

Again, if you don’t have the steel targets used in the video, you can get along just fine with a cardboard or paper target. You’ll just have to walk up and check after each shot.

Balloon Shoot

Here’s a game that’s not featured in the Family Game Day series. Get a bag of balloons in various colors and a timer. Have the shooters' backs turned toward the target. Attach multiple inflated balloons to the target—for this example, let’s say three. At least one should be a different color.

As you start the timer, shout out which colors the shooter needs to hit. Say you put two greens and a blue on the target and you shout green—the shooter needs to hit both green balloons. For each hit, a shooter is awarded points, and the best time gets bonus points.


Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.