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4 Styles of 1911 Ammo Worth Investigating

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 30, 2017


If you’ve been involved in shooting for a little while or a long while, you know that not all ammo is built equally. Feeding your shooting hobby means finding the ideal, most reliable ammo, especially if you want to shoot on a consistent basis. 

If you’re planning on stocking up on 1911 ammo in the near future, take a look at these options worth investigating - as Armscor-brand rounds they're clean-burning, "gunk"-resistant, reliable and consistent for frequent users.

Armscor Precision 45ACP - 230gr FMJ

Some people would consider it a crime not using 45ACP 1911. The 45 tends to be a "snappy" round, but the recoil should be fairly manageable coming out of the steel-framed 1911.

Coming in a box of 50 FMJ, brass-cased Armscor 45ACP clocks in at approximately 802 fps at 50 yards with 352 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

Armscor 9mm - 147gr FMJ

If you have a 1911 in 9mm, you’re typically going to be spending less than the 45ACP counterparts, for what it's worth. You can load up on a 1,000-round case of the 9mm 147gr FMJ style for some of the best plinking you can get, outside of a 22LR.

Armscor 9mm - 124gr JHP

Hollow-point is a great, go-to FMJ variety. The 9mm 124gr JHP style from Armscor is a good deal for an everyday-carry setup or for use practicing on the range.

Armscor 10mm - 180gr FMJ

A 10mm 1911 is definitely worth considering. While the 10mm has been around for some time, it's seen a recent uptick in popularity. While it's perhaps more expensive than some of the above options, you're getting a lot bullet for your buck.  Thanks to the whallop it packs, the 10mm has earned a reputation as a decent hog-hunting round.  

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