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4 Tips For A Great Range Day Without Breaking The Bank

Posted by Team Armscor on May 29, 2018


We all know shooting can be spendy. Each bullet you fire is pretty much the equivalent of shooting a quarter, at least! Then you have range fees and the gas you use to get to your range. It all adds up.

However, we have some tips to help you cut down on those range costs.

Find Public Land

One of the first expenses for many shooters is the range fee, or annual membership costs to a shooting club. If you happen to live in the western United States you can bypass official ranges and opt for public land instead. The Bureau of Land Management oversees millions of acres of land in the United States, most of which is concentrated in the western half of the nation. Some of this public land allows for target shooting.

Check with your state BLM branch and make sure they have land available for target shooting and follow any outlined rules. Of course, as a responsible firearm owner, you should always clean up after you’re done shooting. It’s public land after all and no one else likes coming to an area that’s been littered.

Have a Focus

Another great way to get the most out of your range day is to have a plan beforehand. Don’t just dump magazine after magazine. Think of a couple techniques to practice and take your time. The more you rush the more quickly you’ll chew your ammo.

Bring a Friend

If you have a friend to go shooting with, bring them along. You can each pitch in some guns, ammo, and carpool if possible. If you can share a lane at your range then you can probably split the range fee as well (if you didn’t find a free option).

Recycle Targets

If you use paper or cardboard targets don’t be afraid to use them. Bring some tape to cover up the holes and you might be able to get another session out of that target. Another option, would be to find some cardboard boxes or paper sheets laying around that need a purpose. Break down the boxes and use them as targets!

How to Pack a Range Bag Infographic

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