5 Reasons a Revolver Makes Sense for your Budget


Do you have a million dollars? Odds are—probably not. Like most people, you probably have to put your income toward things like food, utilities, your family and so forth. But don't let budget stop you from enjoying a favorite hobby or having adequate self-defense.

Thankfully, with a bit of saving, you can obtain a quality revolver on a budget that fits your needs. In fact, there are quite a few reasons a revolver makes sense on a budget.


One of the best aspects of revolvers is their simplicity. Revolvers have few parts, which means less chance for hang-ups. It also makes them rather easy to use—just load the cylinder, and pull the hammer and/or press the trigger depending on the type of action.

Obviously, just judging by looks alone, one can see there are a few differences between revolvers and 1911s. Revolvers make use of the cylinder for loading, a cylinder release button instead of a mag release and an ejector rod for pushing casings or unfired rounds from the cylinder.

A small revolver can make for an excellent first gun.

Ammo Variety

As with most guns, revolvers come chambered in a wide variety of calibers. Finding a good revolver in a budget-friendly cartridge won’t be too challenging. You can find an Armscor-produced .38 Special between 26 to 38 cents per round at retailers.

.38 Special is a safe round for self-defense and easy to handle—so keep it in mind when revolver shopping.

Pistol Choices

While 1911s are the first love of Armscor, there are also a few great revolvers that get a lot of love. The M200 and M206 (in both spurred and spurless) are chambered in .38 Special with the M206 line using a snub-nosed barrel. All of them are sized appropriately for concealed carry and can fit in a small, bedside safe.  Take a peek at the revolver series right here.

You should be able to find these for less than $200 at dealers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value than that.

If you’re thinking about the M200 in particular, watch this Sootch00 review to get a feel for its performance.

Low Maintenance

Revolvers are super-easy to maintain thanks to the low parts total. Cleaning is a breeze, as you have easy access to the barrel and cylinder. Honestly, it’s going to be hard to find a gun that’s easier to clean than a revolver.

Easy Storage

This one depends on what type of revolver you get, but if you’re going for the budget revolver, you won’t be getting a massive .44 Magnum like Dirty Harry. As we mentioned earlier, both the M200 and snub-nosed revolvers, like the M206, are compact in size. Concealment and safe, readily accessible storage shouldn’t be problematic for a budget revolver. A basic security safe, such as this aptly named option, would be more than suitable.

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