Home Defense: 5 Tips for Concealing Your Tactical 1911 at Home


Did you a buy a 1911 for home defense? Not sure about how you can conceal it safely but still keep it accessible and ready to go in the event the worst happens?

Take a look at these tips for concealing a 1911 in your home.

Keep Out of Reach of Children

If you’re a parent, this is the most important aspect to keep top of mind - keep firearms out of reach of your kids. Kids can get snoopy, and you don’t want to risk them playing with a gun, even if it’s unloaded. If you have children, always keep your guns and ammo safely locked away.

Teaching your kids about gun safety and respecting firearms can help prevent accidents in the event your kids do find one in your home. A small, biometric gun safe, such as this one, would be a good bedside option if you have kids but still want relatively quick access to your 1911 in the case of home invasion.

Don’t Let Others Know

Don’t let untrusted individuals know where firearms are located in your home, or if you own guns period. If you regularly host visitors you don’t want to risk someone with bad intentions stealing or planning to steal your firearms.

This article on a home invasion in Americus, Georgia, might be an extreme example, but it serves as a good reminder why keeping your gun collection on the down low is a wise idea.

Cover Multiple Rooms

If you’re a 1911 guru and have more than one, then you might want to consider keeping them in multiple rooms. As always, remember to store them safely and out of sight. You can get pretty sneaky with furniture made specifically for concealing guns. Check out tactical walls or covert cabinets for a few options.

Keeping one in your bedroom should be your first priority, but the living room or office are other good choices if you have the luxury of owning more than one concealable gun.

Loaded or Unloaded?

Should you have your concealed pistol loaded or unloaded? Well, the best suggestion we can give is to use your best judgement. If you have kids at home, you shouldn’t keep loaded guns around, except for perhaps in a locked bedside safe during the nighttime.

Don’t Get Careless

Lastly, don’t get too comfortable with your surroundings and start leaving your guns lying around out in the open. Maybe it surprises you, but people can get sloppy with their safety practices once they get used to being around firearms.


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