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6 Tactical 1911 Pistols to Add to Your Collection

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 9, 2017


Do you find yourself in need of a 1911 that gives you an edge in caliber, capacity or versatility? We have a wide array of 1911s that cover one or all of those categories. Whether you want a high-velocity bullet or something compact and lightweight in a 1911 configuration, Armscor-Rock Island Armory has your back.

Here are six 1911 pistols that can give you a tactical advantage. 

1. TAC Ultra FS - 10mm

Looking for something with extra kick? Check out the TAC Ultra full-sized in 10mm. It features a five-inch barrel, G10 grips and an accessory rail. We also parkerized the frame and slide and included a fiber-optic front sight for excellent visibility.

2. TAC Ultra FS HC - 9mm

Perhaps 10mm isn’t your cup of tea, and you want double-digit capacity. The TAC series also has you covered with the high-capacity 9mm model. Thanks to the smaller size of the 9mm and a double-stack magazine, you can pack as many as 17 rounds.

3. PRO Match Ultra 6" HC - 10mm 

If you want a pistol ready for competition out of the box, then you’ll want to check out the PRO Match series. This 10mm gives you plenty of firepower, with a six-inch barrel and a 17-round capacity. Like the TAC Ultra series, it features an adjustable, low-profile rear sight, G10 grips and a parkerized finish.

4. Baby Rock 380ACP

Concealed-carry-focused shooters will want to consider the Baby Rock in 380ACP. It has a 3.75-inch barrel and only weighs 1.62 pounds - loaded. The grips are rubberized and checkered, and the slide features front and rear serrations.

5. TAC Ultra FS HC - 45ACP

Want to stick to the tried-and-true 45ACP? Once again, the TAC Ultra series has what you need. Not only can you have your caliber of choice, but you can also squeeze in 13 rounds in the double-stack magwell.

6. TCM TAC Ultra Combo - 22TCM/9mm

If you want some caliber versatility, you’ll want to check out this 22TCM TAC Ultra combo. You can shoot our unique, high-velocity 22TCM, or swap it out for a 9mm accessory barrel for a quick caliber change.

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