7 Best Rock Island Armory 1911s and Pistols Ideal for Self-Defense

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Protecting yourself, your loved ones and your home are all important to you. But when it comes to self-defense 1911s and other handguns, not all firearms are built to meet these needs. Luckily, there are a variety of Rock Island Armory pistols that are expressly created to optimize your self-defense carry.

Take these Rock Island 1911s and pistols into account when picking out your ideal pistol for self-defense.


Baby Rock 380ACP

Whether it's the unassuming size or highly manageable weight, the Baby Rock 380ACP is an ideal fit for your daily concealed carry due to its stature, and brings with it a wallet-friendly price and easy-draw potential for your self-defense needs.

MSRP $399



If you prize a lightweight, adjustable pistol with a high degree of concealability in your self-defense firearm, the MAPP MS is the perfect blend of small size and powerful (and speedy) draw potential. It boasts a resilient all-steel design and comes in a compliant variant for California buyers.

MSRP $499



With a few more bells and whistles than the less expensive options, the TAC Ultra boasts a tactical rail and highly customizable and adjustable sights and stops. Its crisp trigger pull and well-fit grip make it a great option for the self-defense-focused types.

MSRP $800



Engineered for quick-draw scenarios, the ROCK Ultra is an ideal choice for a daily carry pistol you need to be in self-defense mode in a pinch. It's good to go out of the box, with snag-free finish and smooth angles for optimum lawful concealed carry usage.

MSRP $729



MAPP FS 9mm 

Whether sporting the dual-action or single-action variant, the MAPP FS is a lightweight but deceptively durable option for the self-defense-minded shooter. Its unassuming size makes it the perfect fit for your concealed, daily carry needs.

MSRP $499


GI Standard CS 45ACP

With a classic look and feel, the GI Standard is modeled after its combat-issue predecessor and comes with a smooth finish and compact dimensions. It's shooting-ready out of the box with a hand-comfortable wood grip.

MSRP $549


XT 22 Standard Combo 22LR/45ACP

Sometimes you need a good entry-level self-defense pistol - that's where the XT 22 Standard Combo 22LR/45ACP comes in. Get used to your 1911 with a firearm with low impact, low volume and low cost to train yourself up for larger calibers.

MSRP $899


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Image of GI Standard FS 45ACP 8rd Gun
Image of GI Standard CS 45ACP 7rd Gun
Image of GI Standard FS HC 45ACP 10rd Gun
Image of ROCK Standard FS 45ACP 8rd Gun
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Image of EFS Stainless Steel 1911 FS8rd 45ACP 8rd Gun
Image of ROCK Stainless Steel 1911 FS8rd 9mm 10rd Gun