Experience the Potential of the VR80 Shotgun


Since its launch, the RIA VR80 semi-automatic shotgun has been unmatched compared to other competitors in its class. What sets it apart is its pistol-like grip and customizability married with the power and versatility of a shotgun. It’s a lean, mean, customizable machine. But we’ve merely scratched the surface of what makes this powerhouse unique. Allow us to break it down.


The VR80 houses several highly innovative aspects especially when compared to its shotgun brethren:

  • Buttstock – The VR80’s buttstock is compatible with most commercial buffer tube stocks and pistol grips.
  • Magazine – The VR80 comes with two five-round magazines. It’s compatible with aftermarket 9- and 19-round magazines and other VR series magazines.
  • Rugged Construction – The VR80’s upper, lower, and forend are constructed from 7075 T6 aluminum and produced to the highest quality standards.


“The VR80 is a cheap gun for what you are getting, and it is so much flippin’ fun.” A quote from Pew Pew Tactical’s review of the VR80 sums up the audience consensus of the VR80 during its 2019 release. For an MSRP of $699, you get a lot of bang for your buck. They continue to praise its sleek M-LOK handguard and full-length optics. They highlight the AR-like design in terms of the shotgun’s magazine release, safety and bolt release. “The safety moves with a satisfying click between positions, and it has a very short 45-degree throw. It’s also ambidextrous.”

Words can only do the VR80 so much justice, however. See it in action in this review from The Firearm Guy.


While the VR80 feels good right out of the box, there are little things – courtesy of RallyMech – that you can do to make the experience that much greater. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your VR80 shotgun:

  • Clean the Magazine – When using a high-cap magazine, use QD Electric Cleaner or quick-drying solvent to remove the Turkish packing grease and wipe everything down. Relubricate it with dry silicone. This will help keep dust out of it and will prevent any dust that does enter from sticking.
  • Increase Mag Capacity – If you’re having difficulty filling your mag, we have a solution: loosen the clamp. Load the mag to full capacity, let the spring and follower find their home, and retighten the clamp and you won’t have any more trouble.
  • Break it in – Once you pass the initial cleaning of the VR80, it’s time to break it in. RallyMech recommends using 200 rounds of 1300 ft-per-sec or higher loads. The reason is to let the gun fully cycle and wear in all the important components. After the first 100 to 120 rounds or so, you should start to feel it run more reliably.

A LEAN, MEAN, Customizable machine

The RIA VR80 stands tall as a game-changer in the realm of semi-automatic shotguns. Its distinctive features, such as the adaptable buttstock, versatile magazine options, and rugged construction from high-quality materials, set it apart in terms of customization and performance. Reviews and user experiences say VR80 offers tremendous value for its price, combining affordability with an exhilarating shooting experience. As highlighted in Pew Pew Tactical's praise for its AR-like design and ambidextrous controls, the VR80's appeal extends beyond its initial specifications.

In the end, the RIA VR80 is not just a shotgun; it's a dynamic and customizable powerhouse that continues to captivate enthusiasts and redefine expectations within its class. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of the most versatile and affordable SA shoguns on the market.

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