Four Best Shotguns for Home Defense


You might have considered a shotgun for hunting and pest control, but take a moment and think about the benefits of keeping a shotgun handy for home defense. At the kinds of close shooting distances you’re likely to encounter when defending your home, a shotgun is going to give you a more forgiving chance to hit your target than a pistol or an AR-style rifle—and one that’s likely just as lethal. And, thanks to its versatility in shot type/pattern, choke, and gauge, it’s an ideal solution for newer shooters and experienced tinkerers alike.

Plus, shotguns are also a cinch to maintain, being fairly low maintenance—meaning yours is likely to be ready to go and free from malfunctions when you need it. Finding the right weapon for your experience level, physical stature and comfort level is key to your peace of mind.

Here are a few can’t-miss options and their advantages for your consideration.

The VR80 12GA

Armscor’s VR80 12GA shotgun is a five-shot, gas-powered semi-automatic shotgun with aluminum construction. This is a favorite amongst shooters for it's versatility. Offering the power and spread of a shotgun with an AR-15's ergonomics means those familiar with the AR platform can feel confident in handling this weapon immediately—and will feel comfortable when the adrenaline is pumping—and won’t need to retrain their mechanics.

What’s more, shooters have lauded the VR80 for the ample padding on its stock and light recoil—which bode well for shooters who want to spend a day blasting targets and don’t want to sacrifice their shoulder to the range gods. 

Shop the VR80.

The VR82 20GA

Want the same ergonomics of the VR80 with a little less kick? Say hello to the VR80’s little brother: The five-round VR82, which shares the 80’s AR platform.

It features the same aluminum construction (with a polymer stock) of its heftier sibling—with a few key adjustments including lightening cuts and a shorter barrel to lower the weapon’s weight and recoil.

These perks make it the ideal for younger shooters and those shooters who have less muscle mass but still want some knockdown power at close quarters (hey, ladies). Great things can come in smaller packages.

Shop the VR82.

The VRPA40

The first pump-action shotgun on our list of home-defense shotguns is the magazine-fed VRPA40, a 12GA shotgun and a force to be reckoned with. Because it’s a pump-action firearm, it’s super-easy to wield and maintain.

This sweet baby will hold five rounds in its magazine whether you’re using 2-3/4” or 3” shells. It comes with a variety of options including interchangeable choke tubes and fiber optic sights. Because of this, we think we’re safe in saying it’s extremely difficult to get more bang for your buck when it comes to defending your home. The VRPA40 comes in as one of the more cost-effective options of these four guns.

Shop the VRPA40.

The All Generations Pump-Action Shotgun

From the look and feel to the ergonomics—even the name—this shotgun is by far the most traditional one on our list. It’s amazing how little pump-action shotguns have changed in the past century and Armscor has been deliberate about keeping what works and maxing out new features for the discerning shooter. With a barrel length of just 18.5”, this short-barrel weapon is easy to maneuver in close quarters. Thanks to its aluminum receiver, it’s lightweight, efficient and ready for any situation.

One of the benefits of this pump-action shotgun is its cost-effectiveness. Of these four options, this is the most budget-friendly option for your home defense.

Shop the All Generations Pump-Action.

Your home is your castle—and choosing the right weapon to defend it is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. When you’re considering your options, keep the durability, versatility and ease-of-use of these shotguns top of mind. You really can’t go wrong with any of them

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