3 Ways to Ensure Gun Safety at Home

3 ways to ensure gun safety (1)

If you’re truly dedicated to firearm safety, you’ll need to be well versed in safe home storage. Gun sales are on the rise, and where and how you’ll store your firearm should always be acknowledged prior to purchasing. If you’re not sure what steps to take, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone should want to help reduce any risk for gun injury and violence… this starts with home safety.

Here are 3 ways to ensure gun safety at home.


  1. Teach Children the Rules

Homes, especially with children, need to limit accessibility. If you have children in your home, be sure to tell them these firearm safety rules.

  • Guns are powerful tools. In the wrong hands, they have the potential to be very harmful.
    • Never touch a gun. Children should never play with guns; they are not toys.
    • If you see a gun, leave the area. Seek safety immediately.
    • Tell an adult if you ever see a gun. Once a child is a safe distance from the firearm, they should notify an adult immediately.

Children are curious creatures and telling them about the severity of firearms may heighten their curiosity. But be diligent and keep firearms secure and away from children. To ensure safety for anyone in the house, you also need the right storage equipment.


  1. Use the Right Storage

Firearm storage isn’t a suggestion, it’s a necessity. Since storing a rifle is going to be a lot different from storing a handgun, here’s all your different storage options.

  • Trigger Locks: They’re an inexpensive safety option for unloaded guns.
  • Gun Safes: Steel, heavy gun safes are prime for keeping firearms away from unauthorized users. New gun safes are as reliable as they come.
  • Lock Boxes: They are great for housing pistols and revolvers. Since lock boxes are small, they’re also quickly accessible. If danger strikes in the night, you can quickly access your firearm from your nightstand. Just be sure to keep the keys secret and safe from unauthorized users.


No matter what kind of storage system you use, always store ammunition and your firearms separately. Also be sure to always store your firearms unloaded. If the worst situation happens and your safe is opened by someone else, at least ammunition won’t be immediately available.


  1. Putting It All Together

Here are some additional tips to follow to help ensure a safe home.

  • Unload firearms completely before taking them into the home.
  • Never load firearms inside the house unless you’re in a home defense situation.
  • Clean and place firearms in proper storage immediately after coming home from the gun range or a hunting trip.
  • Finally, double check your firearms carefully before putting them into storage.


Protecting your home and family is one of the most noble reasons to own a firearm. Shooting a gun in self-defense should never been taken lightly.

Make Sure You're Prepped for Home Defense