How Effective is 10mm for Big Game Hunting?


Hunting season is inching closer and closer. For those wanting to add an extra challenge to their expeditions, handgun hunting can be a gratifying experience for the most seasoned of hunters. But what caliber should you use when handgun hunting? Hunting with 10mm is making something of a comeback at the moment. Its current buzz and reputation beg the question—how effective is 10mm for big-game hunting?

Check out our reasons below on why hunters are using the 10mm.


The 10mm caliber is known for its power, and its prestige is mostly aligned with its colorful history. Hunters are realizing how useful the 10mm’s power is for hunting. With deep penetration, reaching vital organs is easier using this caliber.


Hunting can be a beast of a task as it is, but if you’re looking for an extra challenge with handgun hunting, 10mm is a good, light choice. This caliber has a long, sizable case and is relatively cheap compared to other large-caliber rounds. With the right conditions, the right load of a 10mm should be able to take out any sized game. Also, with the rise of popularity of 10mm hunting, ammo manufacturers have produced a lot of ammo. There is now new 10mm ammo readily available for purchase.


The 10mm caliber has light ammunition compared to other big-bore bullets. With 10mm, you can hold a good amount of rounds in your pistols. The 10mm is short enough to be able to load in a semi-automatic pistol. This caliber of pistol can have the option of holding more rounds compared to hunting revolvers. If you’re in dangerous conditions with large animals, such as bears, moose, or boars charging you, 10mm is the way to go. No one wants to be reloading a gun while a cougar or a bear is still charging. Get more follow-up shots off with a larger ammo capacity.

Though its power gives off extra recoil, that same power can be extremely valuable in hunting circumstances. Have peace of mind when hunting with 10mm guns. 

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