How To Dress For Concealed Carry

Dressing for concealed carry tips

You can probably guess that concealment plays a big role in concealed carry. Thanks to our planet’s seasonal weather, our clothing choices tend to change quite a bit throughout the year, which in turn impacts how well we can conceal certain firearms.

While weather and handgun size are big factors in what you wear, you also want to be comfortable and dressed in way that doesn't make you stand out. A trench coat in the middle of the summer, while great for concealing, is not a practical choice.

Here are some tips on how to dress for concealment.

Cold Weather

Cold and snowy weather will actually give you more options for concealment because the extra layers can help reduce printing (noticeable gun shaped bulges). In some cases, if you know you won’t be removing your fall jacket or heavy winter coat, you can even break out an Over The Waistband (OWB) holster.

Thick winter clothing also allows you the leniency to swap out a smaller carry pistol for a larger one. You likely won’t be able to effectively conceal a mid-sized pistol in a form fitting t-shirt and workout shorts but a hoodie and winter coat make it far more practical.

Warm Weather

As temperatures rise, people like to lose those extra winter layers which can complicate concealment. Sometimes this means you’ll be swapping a larger CCW pistol for something more compact. Or you may have to work with baggier clothing.

If you’re confident in handling a smaller pistol, you may want to consider using a pocket holster in the summer months.

Business Carry

If you find yourself dressed in a suit and tie for business or just want to take on a more formal style, the weather won't stop you from having a variety of carry options. A buttoned suit jacket would be fitting for a shoulder holster, an Inside the Waistband (IWB) or OWB holster (just make sure the grip isn't too big for OWB). 

If a suit jacket isn't in the mix, you'll need something to work with pants and a dress shirt. The pants need to be loose enough to conceal an IWB holster without printing and the dress shirt should be able to untuck quickly and rest nicely over your pistols grip. A textured shirt can help break-up any unusual patterns should your gun print.

If you find yourself in business attire more often than not, consider a trip to the tailor to add extra fabric, lenth or pockets where needed.

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