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How to Effectively Pack a Gun Range Bag

Posted by Team Armscor on Jun 1, 2017


The first step to packing a range bag is to own a range bag. If you have that step covered, move along. Otherwise, if you don’t own one or are looking to upgrade, check out this Rock Island Armory bag. It has enough pockets to hold all of your accessories.

Now you’re ready to cram it full with all sorts of fun stuff. Read on for some ideas.

Eyes and Ears

When packing your range bag, you want to make sure you have your ear and eye protection. You definitely won’t want to experience hearing loss or take a hot brass casing to the eye, so never head to your favorite shooting spot without these.


Keeping a holster stashed away in your range bag is a good idea for a couple reasons. For one, some ranges require you to have your pistol holstered when you’re not shooting. If you’re into competition or concealed carrying, it’s also a good idea to practice drawing from a holster.

Ammo and Extra Magazines

Of course, ammo is a must. If you’re not packing ammo in your range bag, you might not have the most successful range outing. Unless you just have so much that you can’t fit it all in your bag, then an ammo can is probably best.

Keep a few spare mags in your range bag, too. Have them pre-loaded so you spend less time reloading and more time shooting.

Maintenance Tools

Another good item to pack is your cleaning kit. Brushes, lubricant, rags - the whole ordeal. Then you’re all set to clean your guns after you’re done shooting. If you need a tool to adjust your sights, it’s a good idea to bring that along as well.

Other Items to Consider

  • Mag loader - for easier, quicker magazine loading
  • Pens, markers, patching tape - marks groups or covers holes
  • Staple gun - for attaching paper targets to a frame
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool - you never know when these could come in handy
  • Spotting scope and range finder - for long-distance shooting

How to Pack a Range Bag Infographic 

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