Improving Accuracy: Tips for Target Shooting with Confidence


Do you dream of the day when you put bullet after bullet through one hole on a target at incredible distances? Most of us have a long way to go before we can reach the levels of our favorite competitive shooters. Don’t let that shake your confidence, though, even if the person next to you seems to out-shoot you frequently.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your accuracy improving and your confidence unshaken. 

Shoot Better by Shooting Slower

World champion competitive shooters can shoot blazingly fast and still hit their targets, but they didn’t get to that point overnight. Take your time, and make sure you keep the fundamentals top of mind.

Don’t forget to have a firm grip, a good stance and smooth trigger pull. When you master the basics, you’ll improve your accuracy and build speed over time.

Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s easy to be hard on yourself if you’re always comparing your performance to others. You can certainly pull away pointers from experienced shooters, but don’t give up if you’re not making the same shots as them.

Everyone progresses at a different rate and practices with varying degrees of enthusiasm for the sport. So the next time you’re at a range and you feel less than adequate, don’t let it get to your head.

Keep Practicing

Maybe it sounds clichéd and incredibly obvious, but practice makes perfect. If you want to up your game, you need to practice consistently and make corrections to your technique when necessary.

If you feel like your progress has plateaued, consider some new drills or ask a fellow shooting buddy to watch you go through a couple mags and see if he or she picks up on something you’re not.

Of course, we don’t all have the budget to shoot hundreds of rounds 365 days a year, but get out when you can and make the most of the opportunity.


Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.