The Ins & Outs Of Shopping For A 1911 On A Budget

shopping for a 1911 on a budget

If you’ve ever gone shopping for a 1911 or any kind of gun, you know how expensive they can get. You might ask yourself if one 1911 is really different from another.

How much of that cost goes into the name on the side as opposed to the build quality and features? These are especially important questions to ask if you’re shopping for a 1911 pistol on a budget.

We can help you find answers to these questions with a few shopping tips.

What’s the Purpose?

The first thing you need to know before browsing through 1911s is what role the gun will serve in your collection. Is it going to be primarily for flashy Instagram photos and showing off to friends and then placed back in the safe? Or will it be a range gun that gets hundreds of rounds shot through it on a regular basis and may get a little roughed up?

If you’re on a budget, you’re probably not looking for a “safe queen” that gets dolled up. The great thing about a budget 1911 is that you shouldn’t care if it gets scuffed up at the range. Take it out and put it to good use. A 1911 in the $400-500 range will fill that role admirably. If it gets scratched or a little dirty, just clean it up and get it ready for next time.

If your 1911 will be filling a concealed carry or home defense role, you can still find solid options for under $1,000. However, paying a little more for a model with a pic-rail or upgraded sight, such as a fiber optic or tritium sight may be beneficial.

Keep Caliber in Mind

Another thing to keep in mind is your 1911’s chambering. A 10MM 1911 is going to be more expensive because they’re typically built beefier and the ammunition itself will be more expensive. Not a likely candidate for a budget shopper.

9MM might be the way to go when it comes to caliber on a tight budget because 9MM is cheaper due to plentiful supply.

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