Know the Difference: 22TCM vs. 10mm


Ready to switch up your go-to caliber? Or just in the market for something to add to your roster of ammunition types?

Armscor's selection of calibers can get you there - two such varieties, the 10mm and the Armscor original 22TCM, offer a powerful alternative to your everyday 9mm and 45ACP. But which is the right choice for you? Let's break it down.


Despite its engineering to offer limited recoil (see below for more), the muzzle velocity that a 22TCM-caliber bullet boasts can offer a great shooting experience. The power that it packs is surprising, considering its design, thanks to its streamlined size and making the most of its 40-grain starting point.

The 10mm caliber packs a speed-promoting bullet diameter that makes it a strong contender in a power head-to-head. It offers an intense experience at the range and has a velocity boisterous enough to lay the smack down on a target.


The pistols in which 22TCM is serviceable include not only Armscor's own line of TCM Series guns, but also those that take a 9mm cartridge. Thanks to a similar length of bullet and diameter, 22TCM can be versatile enough to be used in more than just TCM-ready guns. But you'd be remiss in not checking out Armscor's TCM TAC Ultra and Rock Ultra firearms, which offer a wide variety of options in capacity, stack and size.

When it comes to 10mm hardware, Armscor boasts a variety of options that feature a fully supportive barrel ready to handle any kind of 10mm that fits due to its exposed web casing. It operates in a similar fashion to a revolver in this regard. Though, this isn't common among semi-automatic pistols that typically sport at least some unsupported casing on the back.


The 22TCM clocks in at a muzzle velocity of 1,875 feet per second, with a grain weight of 40, a muzzle energy of 312 feet per pound and a jacketed-hollow-point-style design.

The 10mm clocks in at a muzzle velocity of 1,008 feet per second, with a grain weight of 180, a muzzle energy of 406 feet per pound and a full-metal-jacket-style design.


If you're after a high-performance pistol with limited recoil, you can't get much better than the TCM Series from Armscor. These 22TCM-ready pistols are built to maximize muzzle energy with minimal effect on its surprisingly light recoil. It's a 2,000-feet-per-second round without the intense kickback that would typically match that velocity.

The 10mm isn't for the faint of heart when it comes to recoil. The caliber has actually been shortened and altered to the 40ACP caliber in an effort to make it more manageable for FBA Academy recruits who had a tough time with the recoil. Keep in mind what you're getting - with that extra power comes extra kickback.

The Bottom Line

If you're in the market for a caliber that lays a wallop and can put up with a relatively intense recoil, 10mm might be your breakfast of champions. But if you want something a little more stealthy that still offers a significant amount of power with a light recoil, 22TCM might be right up your alley.

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