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Know the Difference: TAC Ultra Series vs. Pro Match Series

Posted by Team Armscor on Mar 8, 2016


It's a tough decision picking between Rock Island Armory 1911 Series pistols.

But when it comes to features, your taste and your need will likely dictate which high-quality design is the perfect fit for you. So breaking down the merits of the TAC and Pro Series, what sets each apart and what makes one more perfectly positioned as your go-to firearm?


On the low end, the TAC Series of pistols generally runs less expensive in MSRP than the Pro Series. From the TAC Standard Full-Size 45ACP at $685 to the TAC Ultra Full-Size HC 9mm and 45ACP at $906, it provides a range of prices for any type of shooter.

Conversely, the Pro Series MSRPs range from the Pro Match Ultra 5" 45ACP at $862 each to the Pro Match Ultra 6" HC 10mm at $1,322.

There are more models from which to choose in the TAC Series, though the higher-cost Pro Series offers generally higher performance.

(Keep in mind that dealer prices may run lower than the MSRP – it all depends on where you’re buying from.)

Verdict: For the buyer with a lower budget, the TAC Series is the way to go. There are plenty of 1911 caliber and model options for a flexible, first-time shooter. For those with a little more spending cash to pay for added performance, try out the Pro Series.


Both series offer a several caliber options - it'll all come down to your call on which caliber you prefer. With both series, shooters can find models that feature 45ACP and 10mm calibers.

However, you’ll only find 40S&W calibers in the Pro Series. And the TAC Series uniquely offers the 9mm caliber. Your desired use for the firearm will dictate which caliber is the best for you - whether it's self-defense, daily carry or competition shooting.

Verdict: For a more tactical caliber, the TAC series pistols will be more up your alley. But if you're after a high-performance caliber, the Pro Series has the slight edge.


What do you look for in a sight? The TAC and Pro series offer several options betwen the two of them, so your personal preference will play a role. Shooters with recreational intentions might be better suited for a fixed sight that keeps them on target. But for those looking to reload often and looking for flexibility for competition shooting, adjustable sights are probably ideal.

The TAC Series offers a greater variety of sight styles, with dovetail fiber-optic and mounted standard front sights and adjustable and fixed rear sights available. The Pro Series, on the other hand, includes mounted, fiber-optic front sights and adjustable rear sights across the board.

Verdict: There's something for everyone between the two series - your intended use will decide for you the best decision. For casual or beginner shooters, the TAC Series offers the flexibility of choosing sights to fit your needs and your level of skill. For the experienced or competitive shooter, the Pro Series offers next-level, high-performing sighting.

The Bottom Line

Forced to choose between the two, you're not going to be disappointed with either the TAC or Pro Series models. Depending on your skills, your intended use and your budget, the perfect model is there for you.

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