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Product Spotlight: PRO Match Ultra 6" 45ACP

Posted by Team Armscor on May 13, 2016


What's in a name? Turns out, a lot. When we say "pro" and "ultra," we don't throw those terms around lightly. In fact, as descriptors, they're as supremely accurate as the gun itself.

Case in point, the PRO Match TAC Ultra 6" in 45ACP caliber.

Competition shooters take heed - if you need a solidly built piece for your next match, look no further. You can count on the accuracy, ease of use and durability of this rock star.

Caliber & Capacity

The PRO Match Ultra was virtually made for competition, with its 45ACP caliber and eight-round capacity. But what else would you expect from a firearm built by master gunsmiths in the Rock Island Medallion shop? 


If you're in the market for high visibility and easy usability, the PRO Match Ultra 6" is the way to go. Its adjustable sights offer the accuracy you need in your target-grade pistol. The front sight is fiber-optic in makeup, while the rear sight is an adjustable LPA model.


But what about the size of the firearm? Its length speaks to its performance on the range and in competitions, clocking in at a sizable 9.75 inches in length and 5.5 inches in height. This pistol makes good use of its space.


When it comes to 1911 grips, you want a style that brings performance and reliability alike. So the PRO Match Ultra's checkered wood grips make it ideal for both competition and law-enforcement shooters, as well as brings the grooves of a tactical pistol.


Now here's the real showcase element of the PRO Match Ultra 6". The firearm's six-grooved, 6-inch barrel is built for accuracy (and boasts the performance level of a much more expensive gun). With a higher muzzle velocity and reduced recoil, it's an ideal barrel for a competition shooter.


The PRO Match Ultra 6" is the full-size 1911 you were born to shoot. If you value the benefits of highly usable and functional sighting, gripping and shooting for accuracy, you've found your go-to.

And it's a steal - the price tag doesn't match the power you're picking up, at $1,126 (MSRP) . Bring the heat with a 6" target-shooting behemoth - check out the PRO Match Ultra 6" today.

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