Range Day Tips: Drills to Practice With Your 1911


For gun owners focused on self-defense, operating quickly and efficiently in the heat of the moment can be the difference between life and death. The 5 and 5 Drill aims to train your muscle memory, speed and accuracy when operating your firearm quickly. Check out this video from the USCCA explaining the drill: 


The 5 and 5 Drill


The Square Drill

The square is a classic drill designed to prepare the shooter to reposition quickly, while putting shots on target and maintaining accuracy. Arrange four cones in a square with five yards on each side. Set up three targets at approximately ten yards. Start in a corner and work your way around the square, firing 2 shots at each target from each corner.

The Headshot Drill 

This drill is incredibly simple, but difficult for a number of shooters. The Headshot Drill conditions shooters to avoid jerks and flinches. Set up one target at 20 yards, take aim, and place five consecutive headshots. Advanced shooters can combine this drill with the 5 and 5 for added difficulty.

The Bill Drill

The Bill Drill is all about rhythm and accuracy. Fire six consecutive rounds at your target's center mass with a steady rhythm. This drill is intended to help shooters with recoil management, sight acquisition and shot-to-shot placement. Check out this video with Armscor's JJ Racaza practicing the Bill Drill at the range: 

The 1911 is a versatile firearm that can be used for competition shooting, concealed carry or just a day at the range. Next time you take your 1911 to the range, try a few of these drills to polish your skills and lock in your muscle memory. 


Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.