Recommended Firearms for Every Lifestyle


So, you know you want a Rock Island Armory gun, but you aren't sure which one matches best with how you're looking to shoot? With our well-optioned lineup of 1911s, shotguns and rifles, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick the gun that's right for you. To help you out, we put together a list highlighting our favorite gun for every shooting application.

Read on to find out what gun best matches your shooting needs.

Casual Plinking

TCM TAC Ultra MS HC Combo - 22 TCM/9MM

If getting in some time at the range is your chief priority, the TCM TAC Ultra mid-sized, high-capacity combo is the perfect match for you. With a drop-in 9MM accessory barrel, it allows you to dial-in your aim on two different rounds—all from a single gun. With a durable parkerized finish, G10 tactical grips and a massive 17-round capacity, it's an all-around durable pistol that lets you focus more on your aim and less on reloading. 


PRO Match Ultra HC - 40 S&W

If you're looking for a gun that's competition-ready right out of the box, the PRO Match Ultra is undoubtedly where you'll end up. Chambered in 40 S&W for high velocity and limited recoil, this gun fits the demands of any competition shooter looking to drill their targets without needing to completely reset their aim after each shot. Add in its massive 16-round capacity and highly-visible fiber optic front sight, and you've got a recipe for success on the course. 

Concealed Carry

TAC Ultra CS - 45 ACP

Designed to pack a punch from a compact frame, the TAC Ultra CS in 45 ACP has all the power you need to defend yourself as well as a smaller frame to make it a convenient everyday carry. Add low profile rear sights, high visibility front sights and a skeletonized hammer and trigger, and you've got a lean, mean concealed carry machine that's ready for the job at a moment's notice. 

Home Defense

VR80 Shotgun - RIA Imports

When defending your home, your family and your life, a magazine-fed, semi-automatic shotgun provides everything you need to get the job done. In terms of customization, stopping power and shooting speed, the VR80 cannot be beat. With available 19-round aftermarket magazines and familiar AR-15-style ergonomics, this gun is the natural choice for home-defense applications where familiarity is essential and reloading should be the least of your worries. 


M22 TCM Bolt Action

Since the introduction of our M22 TCM Bolt Action, small game hunting has never been the same. The M22 takes Armscor's proprietary 22 TCM round and launches it from a classic, bolt action rifle platform. The result is incredible velocity and accuracy that enables you to land every shot on your next outing. As if that weren't enough, this rifle also accepts the same 17-round magazines as Rock Island Armory's beloved TCM Series—making it the perfect high-capacity companion for your favorite TCM pistol. 

From casual plinking to hunting and everything in between, we're certain to have a gun that fits your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Don't see the gun for you listed here? Check out our diverse lineup of 1911s for more feature rich options to add to your arsenal.New Call-to-action