RIA Rundown: Baby Rock 380ACP


"Compact" can be a tricky descriptor to nail down. Many no-frills firearms adopt the description, but few can truly boast the ultimate in small-scale, concealed carry size. We're talking a pistol that brings it in the personal-defense department without sacrificing power and reliability.

Enter the Baby Rock 380ACP.

Don't let the name fool you - this thing isn't a softie. It's solidly built and expertly streamlined for optimum performance. Let's dive into what the Baby Rock has to offer.

Caliber & Capacity

So what makes the Baby Rock's caliber special compared to the sea of sub-compacts available in the market? Well, Rock Island Armory is one of only a handful of companies that offers a 380ACP compact model. But despite its unassuming size, the Baby Rock still boasts a seven-round capacity. It's a reliable pistol to have in your possession in a pinch.


If you're after accuracy and reliability, the Baby Rock is just the ticket. Its stable, low-profile, angled sights offer the shootability you need in your personal-defense piece. The front and rear sights are mounted and dovetail-cut, while both front and rear sights offer reduced snag profiles for added performance.


And did we mention its size? It's one of the most compact pistols around, yet large enough to handle with ease and reduced recoil, clocking in at a little more than 6.5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height. Its light weight makes a concealed-carry draw a thing of beauty - it weighs in at just under 1.5 pounds, unloaded.


With compact size comes compact grip, right? Well, sort of. The Baby Rock's rubber, polymer-checkered grip is small, but the standard shooter won't have to worry about having a pinky left hanging. There's no magazine extender required. Top that off with the solidly parkerized frame and slide and you've got a firearm that reduces glare and feels great in your hands.


The firearm's six-grooved, 3.75-inch barrel is CNC-angled, allowing maximum velocity via the 380ACP defensive rounds and making shooting cyclability even more achievable in a bind. In terms of quick-draw potential, the Baby Rock doesn't disappoint.


With the Baby Rock 380ACP, you're getting a true sub-compact 1911 with a miniature stature for top-notch concealment. It's a small model with the same control as the full-size.

And that manageable price certainly doesn't hurt - $460 (MSRP) is your lucky number. Pack a powerful punch in a small package - check out the Baby Rock today.

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