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RIA Rundown: TCM TAC Ultra MS HC Combo

Posted by Team Armscor on Jul 7, 2016


When you hear the word "combo" you know you're getting a little bit of both - just not necessarily the best of both worlds. But Armscor-Rock Island Armory wouldn't let you down. We combine the best aspects of two great calibers so you've got your choice of barrel.

Enter the TCM TAC Ultra MS HC Combo.

Don't limit yourself when it comes to your go-to tactical firearm - take your pick and shoot with confidence.

Caliber & Capacity

When it comes to packing a powerful caliber, the TCM TAC Ultra boasts a couple options for shooters, including 9mm and the Rock Island Armory favorite, 22TCM. It's a robust piece of equipment for any tactical shooter and brings with a sizable capacity at a 17+1-round capacity via a double-stack magazine. 


If you're after velocity and a payload that makes it count, the TCM TAC Ultra is your firearm. Its low-profile sights are designed specifically for the tactical shooter who needs power without the kickback. The front sights are mounted and dovetail-cut, while the adjustable rear sights come in the LPA MPS1 style.


The TCM TAC Ultra has some power behind it, but you wouldn't notice. It's designed to bring penetrating impact with light recoil. Visually, it measures to 8 inches in length and 5.5 inches in height. It weighs in surprisingly low for such an all-encompassing tactical pistol at 2.5 pounds, unloaded.


There's nothing like a pistol that comes battle-ready with G10 grips that are resilient and highly usable for the tactical shooter.  Add to that a solidly parkerized frame and slide, and you're sporting a firearm with reduced glare and tactical precision.


The firearm's six-grooved, 4.25-inch barrel is CNC-angled, offering full-length adjustability under a picatinny rail. Throw on a 9mm accessory barrel for even more versatility in your barrel.


With the TCM TAC Ultra MS HC Combo, no matter your caliber selection, you've got a winner in your hands. It's been meticulously crafted for optimum hand fit and performance.

And for the powerful piece you're getting, the price is right - $960 (MSRP) is what you can expect. 

Fill up your holster with a tactical pistol that holds up to the tests of time and use - check out the TCM TAC Ultra today.

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