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Should You Believe the 10MM Hype?

Posted by Team Armscor on Feb 8, 2019


Lately, 10MM pistols have been exploding in popularity. With all of the hype, many gun owners have been left wondering whether they should take the plunge and add a 10MM to their arsenal. If you're thinking about jumping in on the trend, there are a few things you should know about 10MM firearms. 

Read on for Armscor's guide on managing the 10MM hype:


The 10MM is a powerful cartridge that can have devastating effects on its target. Because of this, many people are left with a desire to use 10MM cartridges for concealed carry and home defense. Whether or not this is a good idea depends upon your comfort level with 10MM handguns. With the added power of the 10MM comes added recoil and rotation, which can make it difficult for less-experienced shooters to keep their aim on target. If you aren't familiar with the 10MM platform, or if you are purchasing your first handgun, we would suggest that you practice heavily with 10MM ammo before relying on it as a concealed carry or home defense firearm.


While 10MM rounds are more powerful and have significantly higher stopping power than other, smaller rounds, this increase in power comes coupled with an increase in cost. 10MM round will make your day at the range substantially more expensive. On top of this, 10MM pistols tend to wear out faster than other, smaller round pistols. While it may cost more—for some people, the added cost is worth the added power. 


For concealed carriers, the choice to switch to a 10MM firearm does not come lightly. Many smaller firearms that are meant for concealed carry, such as the Rock Standard CS - 45 ACP and the TAC Ultra CS - 9MM, come fit for smaller, 9MM and 45 ACP rounds. Because of this, if you choose to carry a 10MM, your decision will come at the cost of compact size and concealability. If you have no problem carrying a larger pistol every day, and you're looking for a concealed carry weapon that packs a serious punch, you may want to consider a 10MM pistol. If you have a smaller frame or have never shot a 10MM pistol, you may want to start carrying a smaller 9MM or 45 ACP pistol and then work your way up to a 10MM once you feel comfortable with its size and power. 

A 10MM pistol is one of the most powerful pistols you can have on your hip. Whether or not you should purchase a 10MM depends upon how comfortable you are with the size, price and power that come along with it. As with any pistol, make sure you're comfortable shooting it before using it as a concealed carry weapon.

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