The Benefits of 45ACP Ammo in Your 1911 Pistol


Whether you’re looking for a reliable, concealed-carry pistol or a fun range gun, you’ll have plenty of calibers from which to choose. When you start researching calibers, it won’t take long before you find yourself reading arguments over which round takes the top spot.

One of the most ongoing of these debates pits the 9mm and 45ACP against each other. 

We won’t get into the full-fledged debate, but here are a couple of reasons the 45ACP might be a preferable round for you.

Stopping Power

Sure, you’ve probably heard the terms “stopping power” or “knockdown power” tied to the 45ACP. While those might be a bit old news to you, the 45ACP is a larger pistol caliber that travels with a good deal of momentum and was originally adopted by the U.S. military for its power. (So it bears repeating.)

Justified Recoil

The 45ACP does have more recoil behind it than some of its fellow calibers, but paired with a heavier, full-sized steel framed pistol, such as the Rock Island Armory 1911, it can be a smooth shooter for anyone concerned about kick-back from their firearms.

Proven History

Additionally, the round undoubtedly has a long and storied history. The 45ACP was used in 1911s with U.S. armed forces through brutal conflicts over several decades. If you're looking for some applicability with some pretty valid in-practice (and literal) battle-testing, the 45ACP has proven its mettle.

Every round has pros and cons, and it’s ultimately up to the shooter to decide which caliber fits into his or her personal preference. In the end, the best caliber for you should be the one that you feel the most confident with shooting.

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