The Best 1911 Handguns for Home Defense


Defending your home from life-threatening invaders requires a serious tool that won’t let you down in the heat of the moment.  If that time should come, make sure you’re ready and properly equipped.

Here are a few 1911s for home defense on which you can depend.

TCM TAC Ultra FS HC Combo

This one's a great option if you’re interested in having caliber diversity. This combo model allows you to use 22TCM or the drop-in 9mm barrel. It's a great option for plinking on the range, and the 17+1 capacity adds extra value as a home-defense option. 


If you want something with a history of proven firepower, the TAC Ultra FS in 45ACP is right up your alley. Best of all, you can pack in 14 rounds instead of just eight. Mount a flashlight to the accessory rail to top it off for home defense.

TAC Ultra CS 9mm

Looking for a reliable nightstand pistol to keep next to your bed? The compact size of the TAC Ultra CS won’t hog space and still gives you the essentials for a home-defense pistol.

TAC Ultra FS 10mm

For those looking for high velocity and don’t mind a little extra kick, consider using the TAC Ultra in 10mm. It has a high-visibility front sight, a tough parkerized finish and battle-ready G10 grips.

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