The Best Gun Drills to Practice at the Range

The Best Gun Drills to Practice at the Range

The range is a great place to practice the fundamentals of shooting— everything from your grip to your sight picture and shooting stance. Good news: There are drills to sharpen your skills however you plan to use your 1911.

Let’s dig into a few of these.

For Self-Defense

When it comes to practicing defensive shooting, some ranges (especially indoor ranges) have strict rules regarding drawing from your holster and shooting rounds down range at a rapid pace. This may seem discouraging, but there are still ways to practice the skills that will keep you safe in a defensive gun use situation.


While four or five shots is all it takes to end most defensive gun use situations, it's always important to practice your emergency reload. At the range, keep your second magazine in the same place you normally carry it, shoot to empty the magazine in your pistol then practice swapping the two out and putting a few more rounds down range. Check out this 5 and 5 drill demonstration video from USCCA.



If you can, it's obviously best practice to shoot two-handed when practicing self-defense. However, when it comes to defensive gun use, you may not always be able to use both of your hands to eliminate the threat. Knowing this, it's important to practice one-handed shooting drills in order to prepare for that possibility.

Check out these great videos on one-handed shooting from Tactical Rifleman and USCCA:


Strong Hand Training


Second Hand Only


Immediate Action Drill


Multiple Target Transitions

Beginner or advanced, you can always improve your shooting technique.