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The Guide to 1911 Pistol Accessories Every Enthusiast Wants

Posted by Team Armscor on Aug 10, 2017


Have people described you as a "tinkerer" or customizing aficionado? You might be one if you just can't help but adjust, swap and add on accessories to your guns. There's no shame in it, and we'd actually like to help you out if you're thinking about wading into the world of accessories—specifically for 1911s.

Here are a few ways you can customize a 1911 to your heart's content.


Generally, 1911s come with a decent trigger. But there are plenty of options for people looking for something lighter, heavier or just plain cool-looking. If you're a competitor or avid target shooter you may want to consider getting something lighter-end, but keeping the stock option is fine if it feels comfortable to you.

Check out these 1911 triggers


Standard iron sights can be a pain to use at times, especially if you're eyesight isn't all that great. If you're concealed carrying a 1911 (or any pistol), then getting a set of night sights would be an excellent idea, assuming you don't already have them equipped.

Check out these 1911 iron sights

Muzzle Device

If you have a threaded barrel on your RIA 1911, you should take a look at muzzle devices. While muzzle devices are popular and commonly found on rifles, there are options for pistols. You'll run across compensators, muzzle brakes and suppressors.

  • Compensators: These are designed to keep the muzzle rise ("flipping") down. The gases get vented upward out of the compensator, conversely pushing the muzzle downward. The downside here is that the flash and hot gases get thrown into the shooters line of sight.
  • Brakes: The purpose of a brake is to reduce the amount of recoil the shooter feels. Brakes are designed so that the gases work to push the gun more forward than backward. Many brakes vent gases to the side, which can annoy the shooters next to your lane at the public range. 
  • Suppressors: These work as excellent muzzle brakes, while also reducing the amount of noise your gun makes. Of course, the trick here is actually acquiring the suppressor. Suppressors aren't legal in every state, and you have to jump through the ATF loops—filling out paperwork and paying a tax stamp.

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Everyone's hands are different, and there's probably a pair of 1911 grips out there to meet your preferences. You can find rubber grips from ones with an extra-"grippy" feel and finger grooves to wood options with eye-catching finishes and checkering. There is also an array of simpler grips with the standard "government model" look.

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Lights & Lasers

Nothing quite says "tactical" like taclights and lasers. While they are cool for show and tell, they also can prove useful in dark environments and subsequently have merit in home-defense applications. Crimson Trace knows a thing or two about lasers and has plenty of products that don't require an accessory rail.

Check out these taclights and laser/light combos

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